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"classic Nhl" On Cbc


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Did anyone else see that Game 7 of last years final was being show on CBC, starting at 1 am?

I was scrolling through channels when I see "Classic NHL" on CBC, I was expecting a really good, close game from the 80s or 90s, or at least a few years back. Not a big deal I suppose, just kind of surprised to see this, and I feel most would agree it wasn't a classic game.

Watched a bit of the first period up until they scored, still felt really intense to watch, you know the feeling. Brought back a lot of tough memories, time to erase them though.

Canucks for Cup 2012!

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I sure hope - our boys make a stronger stand in fighting to score and the puck- if they can figure out their scoring early..we wont have the worry being guned again 4-0 in the SCF this year- or else this team will have a big ? over their heads 4 nothing. and missed plays is not a winning team , nor is sloppiness..

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When i was watching the game live last year i turned it off with about 10 seconds left.

I still have never watched a replay or anything from then other than the random 30 second commercials.

I'll never watch that series again, solely due to the way that the Bruins won it.

This year will be different though. I know come June and that last SCF game is being played with the Canucks, that I'll be able to watch that last 10 seconds and see Canucks raising it.

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