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Help Breaking Down La Lines & Their Game


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Was looking for a little help dissecting the LA Kings - in particular:

1) What are their typical lines?

2) How does each line play?

3) How does the team play?

4) Any other small notes of importance? (like Malhotra for faceoffs, Jansen for honey badgering, etc)

Cheers, and Go Canucks!

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1) Typical lines feature one or two hockey players and one or two slugs per line.

2) Each line plays a style that is incredibly slow and boring. Relying on garbage goals and trashy play.

3) The team plays like they have no interest in scoring. They would rather dive all over the ice and tackle opponents uncalled instead.

4) Sutter talks like he is mentally handicapped.



"Are you ready for some football!?!"

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Their Goalie situation is very similar to ours.  Quick is really good, but just in case, they have Bernier on the bench that can come in and play.  Quick is a definite Vezina Candidate.  That team struggled scoring all season long, and Quick has gotten them to the dance.

Leave it to Darryl Sutter to figure out a decent trap system in the non clutch and grab era.  This team really clogs up the neutral zone.  Canucks will need to find a way to chip and chase.  It will be tough, because our guys like the puck posession game.

They have really good top end talent with Kopitar, Carter, Richards, Brown, Williams, and Doughty.  Their top two lines are very comparable to ours, and it should make for some intense nail biting play.  But the difference between 2 years ago is that they don't have as good of depth.  It will be key for our bottom 6 to take advantage of their weaker 3rd and 4th lines.  Our Face off prowess should be very evident in this series.

Their depth on D may be a little suspect with the loss of Jack Johnson, however with Doughty, Willie, and Scuderi they have some guys that can play.  Their younger Voynov, and Martinez may also decide not to let the pressure of playoffs get to them either.

It's not gonna be a cake walk, and there will be some very tight 1 goal games all series.

Nucks in 6!!

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I'd like to see Byron Bitz knock Clifford out in front of LA's bench first period of Game 1.

Everyone saw Bostons formula last year so the Canucks can expect to be brutalized every series with zero help from the officials.

Clutch grab hack and slash with the odd tackle and our goalies getting knocked around.

Hopefully we dress a squad that can answer.

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LA plays a physical style and plays a very defensive minded game. Our series this year has been very physical indeed.

Good offensive talents like Kopitar, Richards, Carter, Williams, Brown come to mind, but none of them are game/series changers.

Their D is very strong with the likes of Doughty, Scuderi, Mitchell etc.

Quick is an all star/vezina candidate goalie, enough said.

More details about lineup is posted on the thread about this series.

Key to the games will be to score the first goal. This team can really defend and clog up the neutral zone.

Pahlsson's line should shut down their Kopitar line, but Richards will be in his playoff mode and will be a handful for our guys. Hoping Kesler can outplay him and Booth can get his revenge via some timely goals.

If we play our game, stay with it, be patient, we should be able to beat them.. The only thing I'm worried about is injuries, since these guys seem a bit overzealous in hitting and trying to draw calls (eh hm Doughty).

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Bitz/Kassian or Raymond/Ebbett?

Size/physcality is what we need against the kings, but we could use Raymond/Ebbett's speed too. Curious what AV does.

From what AV's done in the last 20 games or so when people were healthy, he'll probably go with:

Dank - Hank - Burr

Booth - Kes - Raymond/Kassian

Higgins - Pahlsson - Hansen

Malhotra - Lapierre - Kassian

If Kassian's out, then probably Bitz or Reinprecht over Kassian?

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BTW people i didnt mean it was bad to talk about them!

jebus-crap people!

it was an honest suggestion since i realized i didnt know anything about LA (cause i mostly follow the canucks and their players/points)

It was an honest suggestion that apparently makes me an idiot so F-you jerk fans seriously. Jerks.

unlike you guys i WASNT BEING AN ASS. so again F-you jerk fans... enjoy your f-ing playoffs jerks.

*sighs and politely wanders off.*

*runs back in*

Oh! and im sorry i came off wrong OP!

*runs off again*

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Several posters in this thread summed up the Kings pretty well. There's a definite X-Factor with the Kings and that's their offense, specifically their top 6 group. The Kings were a low scoring team overall this season but since acquiring Jeff Carter at the deadline they've scored at a 3.05 GPG pace (I believe, over about 20 games). Even after getting Carter they haven't exactly been a powerhouse but the Kings' top forward group is a talented one and given that the playoffs is an entirely new season, you never know if such a group could suddenly explode offensively.

Their #1 guy is Anze Kopitar. The offense pretty much runs through him. He's a great playmaker and he can score goals, he's big and his puck possession down low is strong. He'll be the Canucks' top focus to shut down. I think their 2nd best offensive player to watch out for is Jeff Carter. He's not a very fast skater and he doesn't exactly have a great playoff resume but he's one of the best natural goal scorers in the league. He's got a tremendous shot and he always knows where to be to score goals. I'm honestly surprised the Kings don't have him on Kopitar's LW. Richards' line is more of a two way line and doesn't suit Carter's skillset as much as Kopitar does.

After those two, the Kings still have some good offensive players - Richards, Williams, Gagne (is he injured?), Brown and even Penner - but as mentioned, none of them are really game changers. Brown is a very physical player and is among the league leaders in hits every season so he can make an impact physically and both Richards and Gagne are superb two way players (they both were staples as a two-way and penalty killing pair when they played for Philadelphia) that can burn you in the offensive zone after stymieing you in the defensive zone.

So that's the X-Factor/wild card. As far as the rest of their team goes, you pretty much know what to expect. Perhaps the best player on their team is their goalie Jonathan Quick. He's been neck and neck with Lundqvist in goalie stats for a long time now and will threaten Lundqvist for the Vezina trophy. At the very least, he's a shoe-in as a Vezina nominee. Although goalies don't ever get nominated for the Hart Trophy, he's definitely viewed by many as the MVP in the league this year. He has held the Kings in playoff position when they had no business being there and has played in an absurd amount of low scoring, 1 goal losses (E.J. Hradek said on the NHL Network that Quick played in SIX 1-0 losses!!). In short, he's undoubtedly the player on the Kings that is most threatening to their Canucks.

Lastly, we all know what to expect from their defense. The whole team plays a stifling defensive system and their defense group reflects that. The only experienced puck mover they have is Drew Doughty. The only other puck movers they have, period, are two young rookies in Alec Martinez and Slava Voynov. The other half of the Kings defense is made up of slow footed, yet stalwart, defensive defensemen in Rob Scuderi, Willie Mitchell and Matt Greene. Again, we know what to expect. The Canucks need to pressure these guys with their speed constantly. Get them chasing. If the Canucks do that, they're definitely in the drivers seat in this series.

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