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Cheer Like You've Never Cheered Before!


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Yes, I believe it does deserve its own thread... that way it doesn't get lost in the other "pump up" threads...

There has been talk about us, the fans. We're too quick to get frustrated with the team. We jump on players the moment they don't perform well... Luongo especially. We're too quiet at Rogers arena.

And I hate to say it, but this is all true.

We're lucky to cheer for such a talented and dedicated team. Let's face it... besides last year, we've never had a team with this much depth. This year's team would handily beat the team many of us stood behind in 93/94, and would absolutely whip the teams we had up to last year. No, we might not have captured the chalice last year, but the Stanley Cup is elusive, and this is a brand new playoff run.

Don't fool yourself... unless you're Detroit it seems, it is not possible to be a perennial contender. Our time is now. And as such, there is no time or need for us to boo Luongo if he has a poor game. This is not the time to get frustrated at our team at the drop of a hat. No - this is not the time to be what fans from other teams suggest is "typical Canuck fan behavior". Let's keep it classy. For Gods sake, don't riot... win or lose.

But most of all - if you're going to the game - cheer like you've never cheered before. Cheer until your voice is hoarse and your throat is sore. Clap until your palms are numb. Let our guys know we support them. But perhaps even more importantly, let the Kings (or any other future opponents) know they are not welcome in OUR house. Make them frightened to face us.

This is our year. Let's help our team win in any way we can - because we *do* make a difference at these games.

And let's bring home the cup.

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For those who are going to the game, it would be nice if you create a chant or something. Like in '07 I remember it was "You Suck Turco"

Maybe this time it could be something like "Not so Quick"?

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