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These Refs Need To Let Them Play The Game


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And so it begins...

I must have been high to think that these games would be called fairly.

How does Dan O'Rourke keep getting Canuck games on his schedule? It is so blatantly clear that he hates Vancouver. The only way it could get worse is if Auger was refing this series.

Oh and as the French would say "et la but". Edler just scored. 2-2.

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Can't talk both ways... If Canucks got all those PP's would you say the refs need to let them play? Don't think so. Canucks need to stop goofin around making stupid plays throwing the puck over the glass and taking runs at players ( charging calls).

They'll be better in the third though :) Typical Canucks 3rd period finatics.

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anyone seen a replay of that chance LA had on the power play.. thought for sure it went in the net and bounced out off the back post.. figured they would review it at the next stoppage in play, but then Mitchell scored.

I need to see it again, my eyes screwed me. must've been another beast save by luongo.

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