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[Pgt] Kings 4, Canucks 2

Ryan Murray

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The goal scoring has been jumping up and down like an X rated movie all year. In the sport of ice hockey, a powerplay is an advantage. Not an equalizer, nor a disadvantage. There is no confidence in the team and until there is, we're not going anywhere... Lu stood on his head, and the team once again failed to score.

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Tough road ahead, especially with poor L.A. ice.

I figure i'll note that I am not buying the notion that the Canucks are done. Seems quite a few fans are a little too choked now, and I am in the minority.

*Edit* Bruce Boudreau is a voice of reason! Wow he's very good on the panel to speak with education rather than the media's typical "sky is falling". Thanks Boudreau!

I think Schneider gets the start, not because Lu is a problem, the team needs to wake up!

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