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Vigneault Lost Us This Game


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I have been a Alain Vigneault supporter ever since i started watching the Canucks. The team was playing well tonight until Vigneault took apart a productive line of Lappy pahlsson and raymond. They were creating lots of chances and then Vigneault suddenly takes playoff performer lapierre off the third and puts Kassian who is inexperienced. Results were shown when Kassian gave the puck away and then Vigneault puts Manny on the third and Manny has not played well all season and then L.A scores. After that Vigneault goes right back to playing an unconfident lapierre on the third line after benching him for 15 minutes.

We are still not done but are chances are slim i just hope next game Vigneault doeas not F''' with chemistry.

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I am in Shock, how you can come out with one period to go, with your Season on the Line in a Tie and get Completely Dominated, and Outplayed.

Anyways here's why I think we need a New coach:

-How you can Fail year after year with a Team this Talented is a Complete joke.

-How you can't motivate your team with one period left and your season on the Line, I just don't know how you can't get this team ready to play there best.

-And he has been satisfied with this kind of play for Months, I am not surprised one bit that we are down 3-0.

Not making Adjustments when needed:

- the Long bomb passes, it was being picked off or we weren't able to take them everytime in the 1st two games, we were better tonight but still, it was the Reason that we aren't in Overtime, edler went for it, Icing and Dang a few Seconds later we couldn't get it out and it was in the back of our net.

- It too him two Games to fix the Powerplay and the drop pass, he should have Adjusted that after Game 1, they Didn't and we lost game 2 because of it, we just threw that game away.

- "the best players play" to me this only seems to be the Case with Ballard/Bottom pair Defencemen and Fourth line players, Raymond should have sat the 2nd half of the third, he was brutal falling down agian its Typical, and why he was out with 2 minutes left and we need a goal is beyond me.

Does anyone else have any Reason's too Add?

He has been Great in his Tenure here but we can't Fail with this Team, to me we have 1, maybe 2 more years (Depending on the Moves Gillis Makes) before our Cup window Closes.

And Since he was hoping by Playing Schneider his team would be Sparked maybe it would spark them for next year if there Coach is fired.

I Like AV I really do I think he is Defiantly the Best Coach we have Had but no one Keeps there Job forever, I just think Change is needed and Players will be moved but the Core has to stay, they have proven they can go all the Way so be can't blow it up.

And don't say "He lead us to Two Presidents Trophies" because that's even More of a Reason why this Collapse, Choke, whatever you want to call it is inexcusable.

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I don't usually start threads, but I feel the need to do so here.

Alain Vigneault shows time and time again that, even with a team that is so heavily stacked on paper, he cannot coach his team to produce. He has no answer for a trapping team, whereas other coaches have.

How is this different from every other thread about our coaching?

Example 1: 2011 Nashville Series

- Anahiem, a team with less scoring prowess than the Canucks, scores 20 goals throughout the series on Pekka Rinne.

-Canucks rely heavily on Ryan Kesler to score a measily 15 goals.

That's about a goal less per game throughout the series.

Example 2: 2011 Boston Series

-This one is well documented. The Canucks score a STAGGERING 8 goals throughout the 7 game series. In the first round, the Montreal Canadiens scored 17 goals against Boston throughout the 7 games series. They scored TWICE AS MUCH as we did throughout the series. Are you telling me that a team like the Canadiens having better offensive players than the Vancouver Canucks?

Example 3: 2012 Los Angeles Kings

-Most recent one, seeing as the defeat forces me to make this thread. The Canucks are at the verge of being swept, and has scored a collective 4 goals in 3 games. Stanley Cup Finals flashback anyone?

We need a coaching change, despite Alain Vigneault's previous successes with the team. Time and time again he has proved that once his coaching system has been exploited, he has no answer for it.

Smarter coaches, as they say, are exposing the Vancouver Canucks for what they really are.

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We were neither completely dominated or outplayed. We were working hard, but we weren't scoring. This is mainly due to the fact that we kept taking long distance shots into Quick's chest. We made him look good.

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I love AV. But I think its time. A team this talented wasn't motivated at all. That's a problem. I think its unfortunate he has to go, but a message needs to be sent to this team.

I wouldnt contribute the series to Quick. He was good, but he wasn't tested very hard.

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AV needs to gtfo. our power play has been horrendous for months and they did frack all to adjust it. That is all on him and his coaching staff.

i stillr emember him throwing around his football on trade deadline. So excited to get rid of coho. It's too bad he had to let his ego get in the way because of cody's dad. Coho was the only player on this team that can snipe and they traded him. Not once did they try coho on the 2nd line for a good stretch of games. Fire him please.

ffs, ,what is wrong with this team? SHOOT UP HIGH!!!! i thought they'd have learned their lesson in the finals but i guess they're too thick for that. this team needs better shots if we want to succeed. hmm who has a good shot? oh yeah, hodgson!!! let's get rid of him. unbelievable.

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Because he gets outcoached by every coach who plays a strict matchup game? Even when his team wins (like last year against the Hawks) he is often outmatched.

Because he split up a winning line up that was gaining momentum at the end of the season before game 1 even f*cking started. What an idiotic move.

Because he played Schneider. I guess there was a lot of debate about this one. But to me you don't bench one of the few players who is playing WELL. Luongo wasn't flawless, but he wasn't at fault really. He's a big personality. I love Schneider, but to me it sent the wrong message.

Because he channels his feelings towards one of his most important players via the media (Kesler).

Because he's soured quite a few relationships with players - Mathieu Schneider, Matt 'Cup' Cooke and there was always lots of rumours surrounding him and Willie Mitchell. And obviously Shane O'Brien, Cody Hodgson and others have had their problems with him.

Look at his past coaching records, they're not good in the NHL. This is a good team. Mike Milbury could probably coach them into a playoff spot.

Because like you said, he can't get the team any more fired up. Coaches like Craig MacT, Darryl Sutter (who I am also not a fan of), Dan Bylsma, Mike Babcock, Barry Trotz and others have all shown that a coach can be a master motivator. AV... not so much...

Probably other reasons as well..

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AV is a great coach but his time here is done. This team needs a motivator and a change. MG shoiuldnt be safe from the hot seat either. There have been too many boneheaded moves and a lack of identity with this team. Bith men should have their statuses reviewed and in my opinion they should both be replaced

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