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Well History Can Be Made But The Canucks Will Have To Play Motivated Hockey


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We can still win the kesler line is a non factor and vigneault has to go with ballsy lines for next game because I have a feeling that if we win next game we may not be done so fast.

My Lines










We can do it we just have to play motivated hockey. We must beleive we are fans of a hockey team and we give up on them after every loss, It makes me think we are worse then the Canucks are. We have a chance chicago came back last year and I personally cannot see the Canucks going down in 4.

Haters should stay out of this thread because this is for real fans only.

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Let's be realistic here, this team is just incapable of winning this series.

There is no way in hell they will pull a win in 4 games. Tonight's game showed once again our problem with scoring. This team can't score. So many opportunities but they can't finish. You can't win a series if you can't score.

Quick is playing great. Our players aren't able to score on him. Edler is costing us this series badly. He deserves to be benched.

We need a big time miracle right now to even try not to get sweep. IMO, the only way for us to win is if Danny comes back and it restores our chemistry. But sadly, I think Danny is out for the series and so are we.

Kings has been playing well. They deserve this while we don't. We threw game 1 and 2 and now it's kicking us in the butt.

The chances of coming back from 3-0 is not going to happen.

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We were desperate today.

I highly doubt were coming back but were gonna have to steal one Wednesday,blow em out game 5,steal game 6 then it's game 7.

Good luck with that

But if we do win Wednesday,we have a chance,and playoffs last at least 4 days if we win 1 game.

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