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This Is Why Detroit-Pittsburgh Was An Anomaly


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Historically, teams that go to the finals one year do not do well the next. The long season of wear-and-tear, injuries, and a short offseason take their toll. By going that deep, you are automatically at a disadvantage against 28/29 of the rest of the league.

2011 - Chicago barely squeaks into the playoffs, and goes down 3-0 before we get overconfident and let them back in...but they still lose. Philly needs 7 games to beat Buffalo, and then gets steamrolled by Boston.

2010 - Pittsburgh gets an easy first round opponent in Ottawa, but still needs 6 games to beat them. Then Montreal suts them down. Detroit needs 7 games to get by the even easier Coyotes, then go down 3-0 to San Jose, plays one outstanding game, then folds.

2009 - Pittsburgh and Detroit - anomaly.

2008 - Anaheim loses in the first round to Dallas. Ottawa is swept in the first round by Pittsburgh.

2007 - Neither Carolina or Edmonton even makes the playoffs.

(Before the lockout powerhouse teams could simply load up on allstars without dealing with the cap, but it was still quite rare for a finals team to follow it up with another great showing.)

IMO, this is what we're seeing right now. The Canucks look worn out. And when they do manage to get their energy up and move their legs quickly, they are missing what anyone else is missing while working under exhaustion - alertness. Passes are way-off, and the puck carrier too often doesn't seem to have any idea as to who is open and where they are.

At the very least, when they are eliminated, I will take some solace in the fact that they'll get a full offseason, and try to make next year count. I don't think too many major line-up changes need to be made - we simply need energy.

We definitely need a new coach though. I really like AV, but his time is simply up here. It happens to almost every coach.

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Rumours of AV's ability have been greatly exaggerated. That being said, our team is not out yet. Every game we lose though I hear a chuckling AV saying "any more goals than the one you need to win the game is a waste". Were I the GM I wouldn't wait, fire him now and take a chance on the players getting behind a new face. But that is just me, and I know the majority disagree, as they have since the first time AV's team failed to make the playoffs while using his "one goal game" strategy. Its a double edged sword, and while you may win the coin flip 63 times in a hundred, the odds of you losing any given coin flip of a one goal game are still just as bad as they are good.

Av's first year here: 49 wins 3rd seed in playoffs

Av's second year here: 39 wins failed to make playoffs

The rest of his time here: attempting to say that his success is him, rather than the superstars he is holding back.

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Well-reasoned arguments, except for the fact that Boston still has a chance to win their series. (Though if they can only score 2 goals on an AHL goalie in 120+ minutes, they might be in trouble...)

Well... technically, so do the Canucks, but you know what I mean.

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Boston has been handed a struggling team whose #1 center and #1 D-man have missed most of the season due to injury, and are likely nowhere near 100%. On top of that, the Caps are playing their 3rd-string goalie.

The Bruins should be absolutely DOMINATING them. And even if they get it together and win, it's only one round. At this rate, Philly will pick them apart.

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Luongo and AV came to canucks the same year. Luongo was absolutely incredible in his first year here. If we had that Luongo right now, we'd be up 3-0. This isn't a hate on Luongo. I'm just saying that Luongo playing in god-mode that season is the only reason AV was given the jack adams. Luongo is the only reason for the jack adams. It doesn't take a genius to realize that if you have no one that can score that you have to play defensively (AV's first year with canucks).

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I fully expected it this year . I was hopeful when we had that great stretch to win the presidents trophy but when I saw them go down in games 1 and 2 and then reviewed everthing (via pvr) I realized a few things .

First they are dead tired out there, plays that Kes, Juice, Hammer, Bur even Henrik would make blindfolded were all slow compared to last year .

Second . I hate joining this wagon but I think its got some truth to it . They had an easy division this year which led to Presidents trophy.

Third. they need to deal with the Lap, Kes, Bur issue Lap is the worst imho but they need to Shut up and play this year and next .I love all three and what they bring game wise but its getting annoying to watch them constantly be so blatant about "the other stuff".

I'm hoping to see a shake up MG stays AV goes . I kinda think AV is the one telling Bur Kess and Lap to go out there and cause a comotion on the ice . not working anymore.

I am not ready to throw the team itself under the bus but there are a few things that need to be addressed such as Kassian , he should be sent to the minors most of next year to develope much like cody did . When he is ready he will be a beast right now he looks lost out there I acutally feel bad for him . They need to deal with the Cory/ Roberto issue . I am not gonna get into a debate about the franchise goalie but I will say with the way the game is moving into a more agressive style against goal tenders and how the goals are being scored up high more often now , Cory is the better choice since he has a style that allows less shots and less goals in the upper portion of the net . Its a tough decision but I think the right choice would be to keep cory . As far as Lu's no trade clause that can changed . They can make him want to leave if they really wanted to .

postives I see with the team . Booth , Higgins, Lap(hardworking lap not yapping lap), Hansen among many other things .

We arent out yet and I hope we win at least two or three games in a row maybe even squeak out a game seven and go to the next round but whatever happens I'm cool with it knowing that the team really did thier best .

(Had to edit the Presidents Cup to the presidents trophy was just reading a Golf article )

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Heres my take

During those runs to the finals, your guys are at their best and having career years that year, as we were last year

We've leveled off this year with our top players under preforming, who knows why

Also a big thing I must say that is a factor is, players with expiring contracts, they sure played a lot better in the last year of their contract... Then the following year they get raises, and not only do they not preform at as high of a level, but it cuts away from being able to resign other guys or bring in pieces to make your team better and make it back to the finals.

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