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Last 9 Games Without Daniel

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wow where have you been?

I think the biggest thing this series is that many Canuck 'fan's and fans believed we'd pound LA because they were the 8th seed. Ha!

They were just in 3rd place a few games before the end of the season.

LA means business - they're peaking at the right time.

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I heard someone else make that comment but many of those wins were against teams who still had a chance at a playoff spot that nucks help ruin. We had L.A. once, 2 against Flames, 2 against Stars and 2 against Avalanche. They all ended up out (except Kings) but at the time were still mathmatically in and had way more reason to win than us. But negative people tend to look back and say that they were teams that didnt make the playoffs. But when you look closely, the team has been playing fairly poorly with great goaltending for the last couple of months. The power play has been very lame before and after Daniel. And the way we were playing would have been ok if we faced Sharks. But both Phoenix and L.A. play such smart positional game and back it up with vezna nominees. Not a good mix for nux fans. So all we can hope for now is that our best players play like our best players and our powerplay can strike then we should be ok.

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