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Who Will You Root For After The Canucks Are Eliminated?

The Magician

Who will you root for after the Canucks are done  

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The Canucks aren't out of it yet but we can't solve Quick. There is still a chance of comming out winners but I can't see it happening unless Danny plays Game 4, he will be a Game changer and provide a 'lets do it for Danny' spark. So I have decided to create a thread to see who you guys hope will win the Stanley cup. I don't really care who wins the cup but I just don't want Chicago, Boston or the Wings to win again. If the Canucks can't pull off a comeback im going with Nashville for the Cup.

Edit: People don't seem to know what I mean by "root for" I dont mean cheer for them and watch their games, I mean who would you 'prefer' to win the Cup.

*Read the thread title people it says if the Canucks are elimenated so for all you people saying "Canucks" read it again.

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Guest The Brown Burrows


My top 5 fav. teams:






3-5 change once in a while (where they slot in 3-5).

Supporting my post:

I'm a die hard Canucks fan but I have a soft spot for these teams.

I don't just follow one team...

I would never jump ship for another team but I'm not super serious about a team (not going to jump a guy for liking a different team or bitch out someone for hating my team). *what I mean by super serious

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