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Real Simple Poll - Do You Honestly Believe They Will Beat La

Brick Tamland

Will they come back and win 4 straight  

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Guest The Brown Burrows

Yes. Well I hope they do (it would really be a waste of spending the week down their and getting nothing out of it).

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Sometimes you just gotta believe.....maybe someone finally steps up, maybe edler has a better game than he's had so far... maybe Daniel comes in, riding on a horse in shining armour to save the series.... I mean whatever happens you just gotta believe it can or what is the point of watching Wednesday night? Besides... look around, last 2 years in a row a team has come back and forced a game 7 from being down 3-0 this is happening more and more often because there is more and more parody in the league.

30 years ago, you fell behind 3-0 in a series because you were the worse team, there for... nearly impossible to win 4 straight games against the better team, these days though you can fall behind 3-0 due to 3 poor/bad bounces in the 3rd period of games, doesn't mean your the worse team... doesn't mean your the better team either albeit. All it means is if we get the next 3 big bounces our way it could conceivably mean we are sitting watching a game 7 a week from now. It's a long shot sure, but so was L.A. beating us 3 in a row.... sometimes you just gotta believe... :towel:

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Possible and we could do it but likely not.

It may not be such a bad thing though. Is it disappointing and embarrassing. Sure. But this type of adversity might force MG and co. to go out and pay up the sufficient assets to get a legitimate shut-down defenceman or two and get some players willing to stand up for our teammates(and yes Kassian still has plenty of time to become one of those guys) in the league.

I'm trying to stay positive by looking ahead.

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