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Sandro17S Off Season Trade Proposals

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Cory Schneider + Booth or our first for Columbus' first pick

Draft Ryan Murray and Sign Parise for 6.1 over 4 years.

Sound good?

The second line gets its playmaker and suddenly becomes good enough to be our first line. The power play will have enough talent for a 2nd unit and wouldn't rely on Sedin/Sedin/Kesler as much because we'll also have Parise/Higgins/Burrows (Possibly Kassian or Schroeder too).

We'll also be drafting what some would call "The next Scott Neidermayer" in Murray so if incase Edler can't be the flag bearer of our defense we have Murray coming up in our ranks whobelieve would make an imediate impact. Also, Lu will need the D in front of him to be a bit better because we're going to be missing Schneider.

My butt is itchy

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