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Chad Kroeger Of Nickleback Dead?


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VANCOUVER – Reports of Chad Kroeger’s death surfaced early today in the blogosphere and went viral within minutes, just days after his band, Nickelback, launched its North American tour.

The band was last seen playing to what could only be described as musically-challenged fans at Schottenstein Center in Columbus, Ohio on April 15th. Two days later a website reported that the musician died while vacationing in the Turks and Caicos Islands in the early morning of April 17. Apparently the Nickelback singer died in the exclusive island of Parrot Cay when he hit a concrete boat slip on his jet ski.

This is not the first time the musician has been reported dead on the internet, perhaps because he fronts quite possibly the most despised band. Ever.

Back in July 2011 fans took to the web to find out if the singer had passed away. His then-wife Marianne Goriuk has also been reported dead. And in 2008 the singer told Playboy magazine that he knew when he would die. "It's been foretold,” he said. “I will be dead on my 40th birthday." He was born Nov. 15, 1974.

“I don't have delusions about my band,” Kroeger has said. “I know what a lot of people think about us, and I'm okay with that.”

Nickelback are scheduled to play Madison Square Garden Thursday.

Read more: http://www.vancouver...l#ixzz1sKZMFRAk

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There are very few bands with such simple lyrics and repetative melodies that have managed to stay on top for so long. They never ever go out on a limb with their music. It's always the same subject matter and the same guitar rhythems. If they only had an album or two and faded into obscurity, people would ignore them. However, they somehow manage to keep coming back and back and back.

The reason they can do it live and be tight...it's all the same and it wasn't that difficult to play in the first place. The fact I play guitar only further cements that idea in my head.

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