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Keep Bashing Mg


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I still have faith that MG has a master plan, but right now it doesnt look good.

When he became the GM of this team he promised a tougher team to play against.. It seems like after his 1st year, we've gotten softer and softer.

Kassian is a good start to changing this team's identity, hopefully some more muscle is added in the off season to protect his assests because there is a blueprint on how to beat this team now.

He needs to stop signing these 'almost' tough guys Bitz, Weise, Duco and get some real deterrents here. Every team has one except the Canucks.

If we dont get passed the 1st round, there better be an attitude change and drop this trying to be Detroit classy model.

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I said at the time of the Hodgson trade that I didn't like it. I understand that Coho's camp may have put Gillis in a tough position, but I still feel this trade could have waited until this summer.

That being said, I believe that all GMs make mistakes and Gillis is no different. However, I believe his entire body of work with this club so far has been far more psoitive than negative.

If I had to rate everything he's done, I'd say getting the twins re-signed and acquiring Hamhuis were his two best moves.

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I had him at a higher level then he is. At the end of the day, some great moves and some brutal ones.

Grabner/Ballard deal, losing a 1st round gem

Sturm signing

Letting Torres Walk

Moving Hodgson for a rookie that will help, but in the FUTURE

Not acquiring a top 4 D on Feb 27

Smart guy, but made some HEAVY mistakes.

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That is a really poor list 4 years in. They had 13 goals between em all playoffs. The pre MG guys carried us with 43. I understand goals don't mean everything, but they are a pretty good indicator of who brought in the talent, and who can't evaluate talent.

Worst GM we've ever had, should be selling used cars, not running a hockey team (into the ground).

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