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pretty simple actually, i dont expect anything from people lost in the past, easiest way to put it is: people who believe, are believers. people who dont.... are generally classifeid as NON- believers. what you are saying is the equivalent of saying "my high school, girlfriend cheated on me, so i will never have a faithful wife". why the eff would the teams past history reflect on your opinion of todays team??? personally, i am only 31, and have only seen the team come close twice, (no i dont see it as failing) to winning the cup. thats a lot better than the chances that some of the rest of the league have had. it was also great hockey. i hope its another 31 years before i get so bitter to start counting everything as a loss, and a bad thing my team ever even got close. dont take this the wrong way, because i mean no disrespect, but if you are counting the years we havent won, you are wasting time you should be supporting your team. i bet you bet on other teams by now. either that or put your belief in linden, because by focusing on the past, you are sure to left behind with it. this team hasnt lost yet, every other team has.... i dont see your point. please just let me believe in my in my team.

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