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So I've Recently Been Addicted To "a Warrior's Call" By Volbeat


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It's a fast paced song and you can barely hear the lyrics. I liked it so much that I wanted to try to sing along, so I searched up the lyrics.

As it turns out, the lyrics are about Mikkel Kessler.

- "Mikkel" is a name that derives from Scandanavia, which included Sweden (Sedins, Edler)

- His last name is "Kessler" (Kesler)

- He is from Denmark (Hansen)

The song is about Mikkel Kessler (The Warrior)(Canucks), breaking records (coming back from a 0-3 defecit) and winning (the Stanley Cup). I recently started listening to the song about an hour or two after it was announced Danny is probably for tomorrow's game.

Is it a sign from God that the Canucks will come back from this 0-3 deficit and WIN the series?!?!




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let the chips fall where they may the canucks can win tonight jus stay focused stay out of box score why cant they do all that have they given up hope with no desire to continue daniel is not the saviour the canucks have to work thru this themselves or are they going to blame daniel for their inconsistancies and why they cant score or stay outtah of the box come on canucks wake up score score score go canucks go

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