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kenny effin powers

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what cheap crap will they pull tonight?!?!

Now I am only writing this cuz, well it's the Canucks, and they're beyond desperate. What childish, moves will they pull? Beyond tonight looking like a Canadian diving competition, I fear that kesler and burrows will be trying to injure kopitar or Richards or quick. I know, I know, it's bad juju to think these things, and for their sake I hope they won't , but let's be realistic here folks! ITS THE CANUCKS! They have no respect for the game or anyone else! So if this crap starts blatantly happening, we better be sister hunting tonight!

I just hope they can man up and accept losing like real men! But as I said before, ITSTHE CANUCKS!

Let's go boys! Tie down the jersey's cuz it could get ugly tonight! !

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Haha, a post from out of left field. What intent to injure have they seen?

Does this bozo even watch the games or does he just read the "media".

Fact is every team has players that dive. It's the playoffs and players do what they will to try and gain favour from the refs.

If the refs aren't buying it, what's the problem?

Besides, Canucks can't score on the PP anyway. Kings fans should pray for more Canucks PP so they can score short handed.

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man, the intelligence and composition displayed by this person is unrivaled. he must really pay attention to the sport in its entirety. we should all emulate his passion for the sport and strive for this level of greatness in analyzing teams.

theyre from fracking LA! i live in san diego and can tell you noone gives a sh!t about hockey in LA, nor do they know sh!t.

i swear if i have to explain "off-sides" one more time im just going to slap the person asking me! 80, no more like 90% of the peolple watching watched their first game on game 1.

i went to an anaheim game in Jan and more van fans made the trip than anaheim fans. even schneider said it had the feeling of a home game.

its a huge market and its no wonder the league(bettman) wants LA to make it past the first round, i wonder how much help LA will be recieving tonight.

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