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People Tweeting About Rioting If Canucks Lose Tonight

Rock Pile

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Does it really matter? it's really not going to happen again. There's no screens and it's the first round. I don't think anyone would riot over the circumstances.Besides, most real fans didn't riot anyway. Just the mostly young, drunk, retards that premediated the gathering of bricks, molotov's etc... Only takes a few to ruin everything.

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I think VPD learned their lesson from last year.

They won't stand idly by. As soon as any sh!t starts to happen, they will move in with force.

The inciters last year were probably the same criminals that tried to start sh!t during the Olympics.

It's just disgraceful that they had to disguise themselves as Canucks fans, those piece of sh!T

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When did I ever say this?

It will be tough because of the fans.

I'm just saying that cause it seems like alot of the people I see on a daily basis are canuck haters, so they would unceremoniously rip this team and the fans for this, just like other teams fans already do.

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