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Ny Staal Hit On Spezza


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Ughhhhhhh. I am a Senators fan but... you cannot really blame Stall. I guess he could have maybe lightened up a bit but that is a crazy idea when it is the playoffs, he wanted to eliminate him from the play. I do not blame him at all for what he did. I do not like it and I am really disliking how many Senators that team is starting to injure. Won on the scoreboard though. Spezza needs to keep his head higher.

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When the guy skating towards you has their head where their torso should be does that mean you're not allowed to play the body? Do you focus solely on trying to get the puck even if you don't like your chances?

I'm not saying he did or didn't intentionally go for his head. What I'm saying is this is very much like the "ingenius idea" I had about laser tag. Keep low like an army commando so they can't hit the only spot they know they're allowed to hit.

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