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Wtf, Raymond Has Absolutely No Contribution To This Team....what A Suck...


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No handed waste of space. Coughing up the puck at nearly every opportunity, if I have to sit through another season of mayray or maholtra its hard not to be done with this team. Useless overpaid plugs who are eating up cap space and doing nothing on the ice

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flame me, do whatever you want. After watching the first 20, its pretty visible who wants this series. Raymond you should probably injure yourself so we dont have to play you anymore, the look on your face after that was bacicly saying i hope summer brings good weather for my million dollar home. The entire team forgot how to play hockey so far. you can say relax, its one period all you want. but when sedin is infront of Quick after a shot and whistle and gets dummied by 4 guys and not one person goes in to do a thing explains that every single canuck player really doesnt give a sh*t about this game

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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