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How Soon Will Av Be Fired And The Changes Begin?

Rock Pile

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Being outcoached in the playoffs. Our window to win the cup is closing and we need results. Plus the way we've been playing in this period or even the series shows that we shouldn't even have won the president's trophy this year.

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I don't think he will be fired.

Made the playoffs 6 out of 7 seasons

1st in the NHL 2 consecutive seasons (I don't care about the Trophy itself, but that's still an impressive accomplishment)

Never eliminated in the first round (still intact)

15 playoff wins last season

That's enough to earn one more year behind the bench, even if this series doesn't go the way we want.

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Ffs finally the adjustments were made but why did it take so long? Schneider is way better than Luongo (1 goal per game vs 3 goals per game) and there was finally lateral movement.

Still though Schneider made a great penalty shot save and the kings hit the post a few times. When the Canucks lose they hit the outside of the post once. When other teams get close they hit multiple posts and get fast break opportunities.

If sutter adjusts and Canucks get shut down in game 5 then please change the coach already!

I'm scared under schneider the team will get a false sense of security but then again maybe he's good enough to cover for the team's mistakes.

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Oh my god.. Here do you want to read the posts I've made on this..




Okay you can read my post's for yourself and then decide if I know what I'm saying.

Your just one of those people who create stereotypes about our fans, I haven't seen anyone say everytime we lose he gets out coached, and there has been plenty of times where he has been a huge part of wins.

But I'm not a band wagoner, I made my points with a non-canucks bias, like I was just a hockey person or a coach pointing out my observations and opinions, I've always supported the team.

But as I said I'm not a bang wagoner and I stick by my comments.

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