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How Soon Will Av Be Fired And The Changes Begin?

Rock Pile

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You simply can't blame the coach. The players needs to be held accountable too. Too often they don't play with a sense of urgency and drive. Too often they try to make the perfect play by passing, and passing (and in the case of Mason Raymond, tries to be super hero and do it all himself only to fall on his skate laces). Too often some of the players are too lax already feeling too confident and cocky only to have him cough up the puck in the defensive zone. When they do make some plays, there's no one in front of the net or poorly positioned to take a rebound. AV is liked by most players because he trusts them and doesn't nitpick and lets the "leaders" of the team dictate. Maybe MG should step in and lay it on the line. He did get AV to go more offensive instead of playing a choking trap system.

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Something I read in this article made me smh http://www.nationalpost.com/m/wp/sports/blog.html?b=sports.nationalpost.com/2012/04/19/canucks-are-getting-their-confidence-back

The Sedins admit they don't work on their own games when they're together... Now Daniel can see how much better Henrik is at holding the puck and backing off d... I've been saying this for years! Let them develop as individuals and get an all around game because they are too predictable together at times.

How the coaching staff didn't emphasize that since day one is mind boggling. ESP this season full of cup expectation I would tell them day one, let's work towards the cup and develop your own games so you stop getting stuffed in the playoffs. From the beginning of the season or before this should've started!

As a strategic goal As a coaching staff I would make the initiative to develop every players all around game as much as possible bec you might need it.

But when there's a more overall game and proper positioning and tactical adjustments are made, look how confident the team can be! But why wait 3 losses into the first round to do this?

Coaches should be judged not just on immediate wins and losses in the regular season but whether they help build towards something bigger. Not just leave it up to players to decide when to develop as individuals or not.

Glad the Canucks won but this lack of overall development drives me nuts and shows me the coaching staff isn't brilliant if it relies solely on the players own ideas on how to improve their overall game.

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I really admire AV. In fact, personally I think only an idiot would think of firing someone who has had his success. Thankfully MG doesn't use his Mom's computer and has an IQ higher than a dead budgie, so I am glad that he will be here for a few more years.

I also like how MG obviously likes Mason Raymond too and judges him on his hockey abilities because if he didn't I'm quite sure he would have been gone long before now, irrespective of what AV thought. :towel:

It never ceases to amaze me that so many morons on CDC think they actually have a clue and continue to "tell" (not that either is likely to read the crap on here) AV and MG how they are doing it all wrong. :frantic:

The list is as long as a roster of the players who have received regular roastings on here and gone on to prove just how little CDC know about real life hockey (as opposed to their Playstation version) :emot-parrot:

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How develop the Sedins individually? Split them up. Also emphasize in the video room "see Henrik, here you should hold onto the puck more". Also the coach can coordinate with the development ppl: this is what we want to do, let's work with the Sedins to do it.

How come I see teams like Detroit with many players who are solid at carrying the puck, even the no names or Washington has players like semin giving it up on d?

I don't understand the argument about why NHL coaches have to be so passive. I'm also talking about the top-down direction of the team. Sure AV doesnt have to do it himself but he should make this an initiative and it should be carried out.

This is about winning. Why so many ppl who are hockey ppl are so traditional that they don't fulfill their potential just because that's not how we did it before is beyond me.

If you want to stay at 70% and try to win requiring a lot of luck and be told your good using what you have then fine but if you want to strive for 80-90%, make what you have even better and take winning more into your own hands then do it!

Sometimes I feel like gillis and think traditional hockey mentality gets in the way of finding avenues to success.

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