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hate to tell you this but our lack of success in the playoffs can be attributed to the philosphy of the canucks

over 3 years ago gillis decided to go for speed and skill-ie shirokov, demitra, raymond, burrows etc.

the rest of the nhl has gone bigger and bigger


in the playoffs

we got bullied by chicago. they charged are net at will

last year we got bullied by boston

this year its LA


right now, we look like boys playing against men.

we are losing all the key battles on the boards and in front of the net ?


what roles do our big players play ?

rome, alberts are big but useless players

bitz=too slow and useless unless their is a fight


particularly concerning is our wingers

line 1

burrows, sedin

booth, raymond

hansen higgins

all those players are small and non aggressive. yes i know burrows is aggressive but he is small.

Thus, our lack of success can be attributed to gillis philosophy of choosing small skilled wingers and choosing big guys who dont play key roles

sorry if this issue has been hashed out soo many times , but its the truth

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Gillis has tried to address this:

- Bitz

- Weise

- Kassian

- Volpatti (already on the team but made opening night roster)

- Booth

- Jensen

- Grenier

- Labate

- Blomstrand

Booth and Kassian are two big guys who can hit and play top 6 roles (Kassian more for the future obviously). In the last draft Gillis focused on size.

If we did trade Luongo I can see him going to Tampa for Malone which would be a big boost for our top 6 in the size department.

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