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The Music Played At Rogers Arena Vs. Staples Center

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A little off topic but, I find that the music that they play between whistles at Rogers Arena is completely horrible. Staples center plays really good 'pump up' type songs. Even playing a flash back to NHL '95 organ tune. Rogers does nothing like this! It's like 'THE FOX' took over music duties at the arena.

Energy is important, and I notice the crowd is completely dead at Rogers, regardless of whether the 'Nucks are leading in a game or not. Fire that damn DJ!

Does this bother anyone else??

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Guest The Brown Burrows

The music sucks in LA too, trust me. DJ DAVE is worse but not by that much. During the TV breaks, the music isn't very good.

Lots of Top 40 stuff that doesn't go with the sport and then their Cartman...

* They got a few decent pump up songs, not that great by any means

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