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Players Need To Take On A New Attitude In The League

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Discipline's been tighter this year with more suspensions, but all it seems to have done is players seeing how far they can push the system.

I enjoy hockey, but this game has some of the worst sportsmanship I've ever seen.

The physical aspect of the league is emphasized too much, and it feels like teams with real skill can be beaten out of winning.

Seeing just how well Daniel played in his return has made his injury that much more important to this series.

There's no real answer to the league's problems but the players. Hopefully, the NHL can turn into a cleaner and safer league to play in.

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It will always be a problem in full-contact pro sports because they're performance driven and results are all that matter.

Some players need to play on an edge in order to be effective. This causes the (elite) players who rely on mostly skill to be marginalized. Its sad to watch really.

Until there is consistent punishment and respect from all 30 teams, with an unbiased commissioner, then players will continue to behave accordingly. Especially the less-skilled role players who are constantly fighting for a job/contract. It's the same as any other business, just more violent and magnified for the public to see. I would rather hockey be trending towards a more skilled direction as opposed to physical role players constantly making borderline hits.

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Too much money is involved, in the old days you didn't try to hurt someone becasue you know he was trying to make a living too, and you didn't try to knock a star out of the game becasue you needed the stars to fill the seats or you didn't get paid either, when big money enters the door, ethics and morals usually go out the window. I have been saying for years that the big money corporate direction Bettman has taken the league is bad for the game, and the fans, this is part of what I meant.

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