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Canucks Trivia Game For The Fans!


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Hey I made this Canucks Trivia Flash Game for Canucks Nation to Enjoy!

link: http://leoing.com/?page_id=13

follow link for resizeable flash browser version.

( it's the first download option called: ShotCaller - Flash Browser File )

or you can play this mini version below:


100% free . It was my student project at Vancouver Film School Game Design program.

I spent all my time reading Canucks forums and watching Canucks highlights when i was supposed to be doing work so I decided to make a game for us as my final project!

tell me what you think.

if you guys like it I'll make more!

make some suggestions and I'll go dig up the video and string it together.

this is a fan made project for the benefit of fans and I do not profit off any of this.

all rights, trademarks and legal stuff belong to their respective owners

Thanks and have fun!!!


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