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How Do You Feel About Cheering For The Team That Eliminates Your Team From The Playoffs?



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Option C.

It depends entirely on the team we were eliminated by, and the type of series we had.

Sometimes you just gotta accept defeat and realize you got beat by a better team. In this case i would cheer for them out of respect. Nashville and Detroit come to mind here.

Other teams just leave a bitter taste in your mouth after you get eliminated and you want nothing more than to see their hopes and dreams crushed. The Blackhawks and Bruins are obvious examples

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Hate the team. You can't forgive them for knocking you out of the playoffs and want to see them get destroyed and knocked out as soon as possible. I'll always remember when the Wild knocked us out of the second round in 02-03 and will never ever forgive them for that.

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I have already decided that if/when the Canucks are eliminated, I am going to cheer for teams that have never won the cup before.

So although I will avoid pulling for the Kings, if they end up making it to the conference finals against Detroit or Chicago, I will semi-reluctantly be pulling for them. But if they're up against Nashville, St. Louis, Phoenix, or San Jose, then the Kings can kiss my...

Similarly, if the Kings make it to the final against Boston, New York, New Jersey, or Pittsburgh, I will be cheering for LA. But if they are up against Ottawa, Florida, or Washington, screw them!

The one exception would be the Flyers. What a fun team to watch. I'd have trouble cheering against them.

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in the playoffs of any sport i almost ALWAYS cheer for the team that knocks out my team... I do this for three reasons:

1) if we cant beat them no one can! its i theory i like to use to console myself.

2) i don't have SECOND favorite teams.

3) i like my division/conference to win at least!

so yeah. Its neat to follow a different team all the time after yours is out. =)

Upon firther reading i suppose i would agree that there are some teams that i just wouldn't root for, period... i just cant really think of any in the west.

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Detroit/Nashville are the only teams in the West I could come close to cheering for after a Canucks elimination. Detroit out of sheer admiration for the organization, and Nashville due to the class their fans displayed during our series last season.

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