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Let's Start Shhhh-Ing For Schneider


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So I apologize if this has already been suggested, I tried searching.

For all those attending the game and those in the future, can we start a SHHHHHHHHHHHHH when scheidy makes a save (similar to the LUUUUU).

I feel like it would be unreal on so many levels, especially cause it would be cheering our goalie while also making the player that shot it feel like we are shutting him up.

If people agree with this, pass this onto anyone who you know is going to game 5!!

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I like typing this on the Canucks Chat when the game is on because I don't feel like typing out Schneider every time he makes a save. It could be a difficult one to implement for two reasons. The first is because its really hard to yell "SHHH". It is naturally a quiet noise and is much harder to raise the decibel level than "Luuu". Secondly, there is an unnatural amount of spit that comes out when you do happen to try yelling "Shhhh". You'll have a lot of upset fans who are being spit on.

With that said.


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