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Luongo To Tampa!?

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WHY WOULD HE DO THAT! he says he wants to either retire or go to tampa cuz of his family!!! HE SHOULDNT GIVE UP SOMEONE PLEASE TELLLL HIM!! MY LIFE IS OVER!

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Some speculators have been trading Luongo to Tampa for six months...

The halfwits at the Province published an idiotic proposal back in October suggesting Luongo be sent to Tampa Bay in exchange for Lecavalier and his 12 year, 84 million contract - at a ridiculous $7.7 million cap hit until 2020.

And they think AV and MG should be listening when they complain and whine about the way the Canucks are coached and managed.

These geniuses thought we need a grossly overpaid center more than a stellar goaltending tandem. And for $7.7 million, where would Lecavalier have fit in (?)..... behind Hank, Kesler (and obviously Cody the wonder boy, who was still here at the time, and who the Province spent endless hot air complaining about his lack of ice-time). 3rd line center, fourth line center? Just plain dumb.

There are plenty of people publishing "news" that has the credibility of the National Enquirer.

I consider publishing this kind of stuff right now to be sabotage/trolling. The Canucks are in the playoffs right now. That SH!T can wait for the offseason. Professional standard journalism would not go there right now. That is bottomfeeding, plain and simple.

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