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[Trade] Van-Anaheim

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With both our goalies playing excellent so far in the post-season.. despite our position :P it is no secret one goalie must go this off-season and with Schneider being the younger goalie, and playing in a must-win game I believe he will be kept. With Kesler struggling to find his game, but recently being the selke trophy winner I believe his value is still very high. Toughness and skill was supposed to be addressed in the Kassian trade, which I am fully behind, I just don't believe Kassian is ready to fill that role just yet.

With Anaheim's goal-tending being sub-par this season and a offense that lacks speed and determination defensively (231 goals against) this change might be exactly what Anaheim needs while in exchange giving us the gritty power forwards that we can use against bigger teams like San Jose, LA and Boston in future years.

To Anaheim- Luongo, Kesler,Schroeder, and a 1st round pick (2013)

To Van- Ryan Getzlaf, Bobby Ryan






Edler- *Free Agent*





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Hiller is their guy, and while he is pretty injury-prone I doubt they'll give up on him. Getzlaf and Ryan are 2 of their top 4 offensive stars, and if Selanne is gonna retire, they're only left with Perry. I don't think they want Kesler as their 1st line center either and Schroeder might not be ready to take on the 2nd line center role. Also, we're investing almost 15m is cap space into our 2nd line.

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