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What A Playoffs So Far!

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Who would've thought the big 5 offensive teams are facing elimination now down 3-1 in each of their series!!

Flyers over Penguins

Kings over Canucks

Predators over Red Wings

Blues over Sharks

Coyotes over Hawks

Pens and Canucks were down 3-0!

I highly doubt all of them are going to come back and win their series, but if any of these five teams can do it, I think it's the penguins because they have 2 of the nhl's best players and red wings because Datsyuk and Zetterberg are playoff performers and they've been in these situation's before. Sharks aren't coming back they're done, Hawk's just lost one of their top scorers which will affect them deeply, and for the canucks, that's just unpredictable depending on which canucks team shows up that day for the game, but unfortunately I don't see us coming back and winning it.

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Philly vs Pens isn't surprising considering how Philly dominated in the season series.

In the West however, one could almost say it's a changing of the guards.

Teams like Nashville, Phoenix, LA, and St. Louis are challenging the stalwarts like Detroit and SJ.

What a shocker.

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Look no further then goaltending (excluding Pens vs Flyers)

LA vs Canucks you have Quick

PHX vs CHI you have Smith

NSH vs DET you have Rinne

STL vs SJ you have Elliot

All of them playing stellar, not that their counter parts haven't been playing as well but they've just been phenomenal for their teams

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