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Hamhuis, Hansen, Ballard, Tanev(for his age, he's doing pretty well) and that's about it.

Booth isn't too bad per say but one could argue he should not be on the list. Then again, it's his first playoff experience. Gripping his stick a little too tightly? I don't blame him.

I think Hamhuis is the big unsung hero on our team. He is by far the most consistent player we have. Even Cory can't compete with his consistency.

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Booth (lack of production but consistently hitting and playing hard)


Raymond (bad game 4 but one of the best 1-3, could easily have couple points)


Hamhuis (made mistakes but not nearly as many as the rest of the defence)

and ofcourse Scnieder

Sh** list

Kes (embarrassing)

Edler (constant mistakes costing us games)

Salo (slow and making turnovers resulting in chances against)

Manny ( winning faceoffs but hasnt hit anyone and made costly turnovers)

overall too many people taking stupid penalties and giving the puck away infront of our own net.

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Ballard has been a huge disappointed since he arrived....BUT having said that.....he's actually been one of the best players on the team lately! It's impressive, and it gives me hope that he's finally finding his game in Vancouver.

Good Books





5) THE TWINS, now that Danny is back

*Lappy (but needs to quit flapping his gums and getting penalties)

Sh1t List





*Booth (except last game with the twins, he looked good!)

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OP lost all credibility as a poster calling Kesler and Edler playoff performers. All in all, Ryan Kesler has always been a no show in the playoffs minus the Nashville series last year and once again has been a disappointment thus far. Alex Edler has been brutal these playoffs minus his 2 goals. Henrik has been okay so far and with the return of his brother hopefully it will help elevate both of their games.

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Not surprised you would nail Kesler just like 15 + months ago when you all(exageration) nailed me for being a Schneider fan. If not for Keslers screen( as usual), and Mr.Schneider, we wouldn't be on this board today.

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Kesler may not be producing offensively the way fans might want him to, but regardless he is ALWAYS our best forward. Even when he doesn't score he affects the game in numerous ways due to his two-way style. Even in an off year, he's still our best forward. He will be again next year too. If you actually watch the games, you see Kesler involved in the play at both ends of the ice more than any other Canuck.

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