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Irshad Manji To Get Muslim Canadian Congress Award

Satan's Evil Twin

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Irshad Manji to get Muslim Canadian Congress award

Activist defies threats

Frank Prendergast / National / Tuesday, April 17, 2012



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Lesbian author and activist Irshad Manji will be receiving the inaugural Mansoor Hallaj Freedom of Speech Award from the Muslim Canadian Congress.

According to a media release, Manji will get the award for "her exemplary courage in standing up to repeated threats and challenges by Islamist groups in the US, Canada and Europe."

The award will be given out on Wednesday, April 18 at 6pm at the Toronto Public Library’s Palmerston Branch. For more information on Manji and the event, click here.

Below is video footage of Manji coming under attack at the taping of a television spot in Amsterdam. That is followed by an interview that Xtra did with Manji while she was on tour with her book Allah, Liberty and Love.


Just something for the knuckledraggers who think Canada is under any kind of threat from Islam.

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From what I read, the Muslim Canadian Congress is a liberal left group that does not represent all Muslims. For example, they do not want coverings for women like the Niqabs. They agree with the feminist argument that such coverings oppress women. And they suuport the Tory movement to ban these covers during citizen oaths.

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