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[P G T ] - Canucks Eliminated


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It was actually a nice game to watch. So sad, the Canucks lost. Guess, we got to keep waiting. GO CANUCKS GO!

Still, RAYMOND fell too EARLY. He could've completed that wrap around and become a star.

HAMHUIS should have just passed. WTF was he thinking?

Nahh, I'm kidding. Great effort boys.

I believed in the comeback. Thank you anyway to the Canucks for something to do in my boring life. Now, I can do my homework again!

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How the F*** can you say Lu needs to go when Schneider played the last 3 games!

I think we should keep Schneids too but this is no time to pin anything on Lu.

But Raymond definetly needs to go, been saying this forever.

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No will to win. Enough said.

This team came into the post season with so much potential. So much to prove. So much talk.

And they didn't bring it. Absolutely nothing. This is an epic fail. We aren't talking just losing here. We are talking why. Where was the A grade effort. We had 1 full A grade game out of 5. Not acceptable at all.

The worst of it is. They allowed themselves to get outworked badly on home ice. And lost all 3 home games. The best team in the league. Didn't show up to play in the post season. I don't know who showed up to play. Wasn't the team i know.

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When Vancouver scored only 8 goals in 7 games in SCF and yet MG traded away Coho who provided the all important secondary scoring, this early exit is expected when the top two lines are again shut down. How could MG trade away a guy who played only 12 mins. a game and be a potential Calder trophy candidate for nothing?

AV should be fired as he could not even put up a decent 4th line for all his years here. Vancouver is beaten by the opposition 4th lines year after year.

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kes was playing better, but never finished

the second like didnt make any big impact in the series

no one-two punch like last yr's playoffs

the 3rd line was decent.

Big sore spots were anemic PP at the beginning, edler and bxa errors

the winning goal today was just bad luck, not going pin it on hamhuis. again, physical play got it done for LAK.

The off season wishlist:

coaching change either AV or the assistant

let go of softer players like ray.

need to get another shut down D man who can replace edler's ice time.

sign cory to a contract, sweeten the deal with guaranteed min starts.

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This game is an example of why playoff hockey is so exciting. The Canucks started strong, were physical, and finally got another power play goal. It looked like the Canucks were in great position. In the second half of the second period the Kings really took over, and the Canucks were on the ropes. They were being so aggressive they gave up 2 glorious shorthanded chances. And the Canucks squandered both of those chances. And still it seemed like the Canucks were going to extend their lead. But the Canucks' luck ran out finally, and the Kings tied it. I confess I felt a sinking feeling in my gut when that happened. I didn't feel good about the Canucks' chances, the way they were playing. The Canucks did get a little better, however, but as we all know, not good enough. Both teams were playing pond hockey in OT, Raymond just didn't have the finish.

It just wasn't the Canucks' year, I guess. They never looked as strong as last year. It's hard to say what exactly they were missing, but I'll leave that for another post perhaps.

Congratulations to the LA Kings, who really played some great hockey. I think Darryl Sutter outcoached Vigneault in this series, and they played a really strong team game. And although I expected they'd play dirty, they did not, so I was wrong about that.

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Well, on a positive note, we can put to rest the Great Myth of the Flicking of the Switch. Hopefully we never hear about it again. There is no switch that can be flicked at will. To be honest, this loss isn't hitting me as hard as I thought it would. When you go down 3-0 the wise man knows in his heart that it's done, so I'm upset but at the same time relieved that it's over quickly instead of dragging it out and giving us hope. Anyway, another great regular season and nothing much to show for it.

Full marks to LA. They deserved this series. I think they have a chance to make some noise the rest of the way. They did a lot of things well and a few things great. This is not a fluke, they're a very good team and I wish them luck.

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Good effort by the team but no second line scoring.

If Kes does not recover back to form he needs a power forward he can play with to be a success again.

The Canucks need a big,scoring PF and PP d man now.

Kass and Mags are years away from potentially filling those roles.

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