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ya... well time will tell. Certainly he didn't make the team better this year, as they replacement players barely played. But that is just a lame-duck way to blame it all on something that is relatively minor.

They played with urgency, but were not playing like a team. Too many breakdowns, no support in too many of the games.

Real Top 4 reasons for the loss this year:

1. D. Sedin out

2. Kesler still injured

3. Waiting until the playoffs to try a new winger for the Sedins

4. Starting Luongo in games 1 and 2. Schneider might have won one of them? Hard to say...

oh, and yes, for a top-tier team, they are missing a 50 goal scorer to put them over the top... just like almost every other team, and a true norris-caliber d-man. lol

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Some of the adjustments that people are making are ridiculous. Seriously, get rid of Kesler, Edler?? The only guy I agree with is Raymond. Unbelievable. Some people need to take time away before making their opinions heard.

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Not a surprise, I predicted back in mid November a first round lose.This team did not improve from last year. There is only 1 line here and unfortunately its led by Swedes, great players but can not shift to another gear in playoffs.

Defence is worse that last years. Let's see if MG does anything. The core is basically still Burkes team, Hamhuis is the only significant piece he has added over the last 3 years(Exceppt for the Hodgson mistake)He has a chance this summer to make a major change. this team has 1 maybe 2 good years left before core is too old.

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Blow this team up, it's had it's chance and couldn't do it. This core can't score in the playoffs, always had this problem. We won one game in this years playoffs.... one... ONE game. It's time for Gillis to remake this team, this core has been together for too long and has failed and is aging and had it's worst playoffs, Kesler should be gone the guy can't score a goal trade him while his value is high and we can get a Carter like return.

This teams needs a Flyers like overhaul this offseason, too bad I don't think Gillis has the skills or coconuts to do it. Gillis is becoming a failure to lose Ehrhoff and not replace him, to let Torres go who had great chemistry with Lappy and Hansen and made up a badass playoff line, trades Hodgson for a 4th liner with upside... really Gillis? if you trade him bring back that young D man this team needs, this team was soft last year and Torres was the meanest player we had and we let him go to sign who?... that dude who was traded to bring in a 4.2 million dollar cap hit and isn't what the team needed.

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