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[P G T ] - Canucks Eliminated


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When Vancouver scored only 8 goals in 7 games in SCF and yet MG traded away Coho who provided the all important secondary scoring, this early exit is expected when the top two lines are again shut down. How could MG trade away a guy who played only 12 mins. a game and be a potential Calder trophy candidate for nothing?

AV should be fired as he could not even put up a decent 4th line for all his years here. Vancouver is beaten by the opposition 4th lines year after year.

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If we had Daniel from the start we may have won. Thanks Duncan. May you never play for the Canucks. Everyone else who thinks a few spare parts is the difference, its the Sedins. Game 7 Stanley cup playoffs and 2 consecutive Presidents Trophies = the Sedins and a Luongo / Shnieder (Spelling!) goaltending duo. Once we loose the Sedins to age or trade we will just be another team fighting to be in the playoffs and probably getting in. We are built like Detroit. A consistantly contending team. Look what happened to Deroit this year. I don't feel so bad.

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screw it, the odds of us coming back to force a game 7 were slim to none. Id rather lose this way then to get my hopes up and maybe blow it in a game 7. This, is gonna force us to change our game a little bit and make either some bold moves, or many minor tweaks.

What we learned is:

1) Cory is a definite number one goaltender, no questions asked anymore. Our goaltender next year? We all dont know.

2) The Sedins performed what it mattered. They did. I have nothing but respect for these two.

3) We need one more top 6 winger that can pass the puck, and one more defencemen.

I really dont think a blow-up philly style approach is exactly what we need, one of our Goalies is going to be traded, and I really dont think AV is going to be fired.

We all know Pittsburgh got knocked out too, and Boston barely avoided it today.

We arent the only fans in dissapointment.

Just be happy were not a crappy team :canucks:

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I think we can all agree that Raymond needs to go. AV and Gillis can stay.

List of Considerations:

Kesler - for not using his teammates

Luongo - Schneider is the better goalie

Malhotra or Pahlsson - Just pick one. Don't think we need both of these guys.

We can bring in alot of big names with these players.

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As a long time fan, my heart really wanted to see them move on to the next round. But I must admit, between the teams lack of scoring depth and the fact that almost all of their stats from the previous year, were better than this season....I wasn't too surprised. Don't get me wrong, Prez Cup no small feat and am proud of them for the 2 years running. But would gladly give up all the Prez Cups for one Stanley. All being said, I am already looking forward to next season.

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