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[P G T ] - Canucks Eliminated


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At the beginning of the playoffs I was looking forward to a Vancouver/Chicago series. Instead we get Phoenix/Nashville. If nobody watches the series did it really happen?

Anyway, looking to next season, the twins will be 32 years old, Burrows 31, and Salo 38. We're not getting any younger.

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Well it's clear that there's a shift in the way the NHL is going to be played. Say goodbye to the days of skilled exciting offensive teams, and say hello to boring trap teams with a bunch of goons and plugs..

St.Louis, LA, Nashville, and Phoenix in the second round? Really? Should be a real real exciting bunch of series...

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What a complete joke of a series. The Canucks were never in it to begin with. If Daniel was here, we may have squeezed out two or three wins, possibly the series, but we were going to get crushed in the next round.

Raymond; useless. He's gone. Better tonight but that means squat.

Higgins? Yawn. The disappearing act; seen this a million times, not from him but Canucks in general.

Booth. Non factor. Thanks for coming to Vancouver, I guess. You didn't really do anything at the end of the day.

Kesler? What a joke. He is NO longer untouchable. He is arguably a one season wonder because he played like crap all season long. 17 game goaless drought is UNACCEPTABLE.

Burrows? Not good enough, my friend. Not even close.

Kassian. I know you're young, bud, and evidently given far more than you could chew but you also sucked. Gillis needs to get blamed for this debacle. Kassian was in no way going to make this team ANY better this season. Really, a Calder candidate for an NHL scrub/solid AHL'er? If you thought he was going to make a difference you're delusional. I heard the reasons why Cody was traded and those are a crock/you make him stay and play out the season.

WHERE IS THE DEPTH SCORING? All flash and dash in the regular season. Nothing in the playoffs. A complete joke.

I had a feeling this team was not going to get as far as they had the season prior. This team was statistically worse than the team last year in about every way, but to go out like this is embarrassing.

Changes are obviously going to be made come the summer. What they are yet, I can't say for sure.

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The Presidents Trophy looks pretty dull right now.

After 3 seasons of not winning the Cup, it is obvious that this team has some serious shortcomings.

Number 1 on the list is that this team is too small and still doesn't play with enough grit, Just like last year, the Canucks were manhandled.

Number 2: You can't win games when your 1st line refuses to committ to playing defense. Booth and the Sedins were all standing about fishing for a loose puck instead of taking Richards out. There is no way that Richards should have even got anywhere near the net, Actually Booth was doing absolutely nothing out there but watch Richards skate by him and go to the net.

Number 3: MG has to committ to drafting bigger players and developing them. There is no point in drafting a guy that is 5' 8" tall and weighs 170 lb. He might be okay on the farm but really, can you seriously play a player that small in the playoffs? He would be run over every time he touched the puck. Yes there are exceptions because some players like St Louis plays much bigger....but he is also really strong on his skates. The guy has legs like tree trunks.

Number 4: Play whichever goalie has the hot hand from the start.

Number 5: Sign Schneider....he is the future. If we have to retool the team, maximise the older assets and keep the promising prospects instead of trading them away. Lets not make the same mistake by trading Schneider.

Number 6: Put the coaching staff on a short leash....they have to be better and make the right decision at the most effective time instead of waiting until the team has dug a hole too big to climb out of.

You know, one of the worst things that I had to endure today was Boston pulling off a win and keeping their series against Washington alive while Vancouver faltered. Yesterday I had to watch Chicago do the same. The two teams I despise the most.....

If Vancouver comes back with the same old same old next year they will not be successful again. There are no injury excuses this year so time to make some changes to the core of this team.

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I really don't understand the Hodgson trade. I mean, sure if the rumors of him wanting out are true I see the importance of trading him. But were there no better offers than Kassian and Grags? We could have gotten a decent vet who could help us with this playoffs, plus a prospect. Cody was just starting to prove himself. He had MAJOR VALUE at this past deadline. At worst, if you don't like anything on the table just let the year play out and enjoy Cody's 0.5+ points per game and deal him in the off season. We sure could have used him.

I find it hard to believe that there were no other offers for CoHo.

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Although losing to the kings sucks, it really puts into perspective hust how much of a bummer losing the cup final was last year. Losing tonight brought back all of the feelings of the 17 years leading up to last June. I sort of tuned out the game 7 loss to Boston under the assumption that we had the team to make another deep run this year. The fact of the matter is that it is so damn hard to get to the final. And if you get there, you better win it, because who knows when you'll get back...especially with the parity in the league now. I didnt think that the cup final loss could get more painful, but tonight it did.

Here's to getting back there someday and hoisting the cup.

Here's to a great season and hopefully an even better one next year!

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I can't believe most of you are crying out for this player and that player to be traded. SCREW trading parts of the roster, GET RID OF THE ???? COACH! That's what teams do when they're this big of a disappointment. The guy's a good coach but holy crap, it's time for him to pack his bags.

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There isn't one player in this team who's lethal with a slapshot from the wing. Too many wasted chances with weak wrist shots straight into the goal tenders glove or wide all season, particularly from Raymond. If he cannot hit a slapshot whilst skating then he shouldn't be on the ice. There needs to be more goals like Cody scored in Boston and there simply are not the players in this team to score them.

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