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[P G T ] - Canucks Eliminated


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Sedins 5/5

Burrows 2/5

Booth 3/5

Kesler 3/5

Raymond 0/5

Lapierre 4/5

Higgins 2/5

Pahllson 3/5

Hansen 3/5

Hamhuis 4/5* can't be a 5 with Bieksa

Bieksa 2/5

Edler 2/5

Salo 2/5

Ballard 5/5

Tanev 5/5

Luongo 3/5

Schneider 5/5

Better luck next year.

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too early to make rash moves..... believe it or not this team is in the best hands it has ever had (and I have SUFFERED with these guys for all 41 years) cool heads make rational decisions after reflection not panic..... I just hope to live long enough to see canucks raise Stanley

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Edler needs to stay. Who do you replace him with? A free agent pick up? We're in no position to start ditching 26 year old 50 point defenceman after a subpar playoff performance. Such a pathetic prospect pool hurts us.

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Sputtering into the playoffs offensively should have been a sign for everyone.

We all should have known we would be in big trouble if the team could'nt

score and the defense played bad throughout the series. Goaltending was

not the problem for once.

I, like many of you will be expecting some changes to the team in the offseason.

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is salo going to retired? if so, that'd be sad, cause he was actually one of the better defenseman this season and he tried to stay pretty healthy too

i don't know what's wrong with kesler, maybe his heart is not with the canucks anymore..but i'd give him another season to bounce back

i'd like to say goodbye to raymond, just when he was getting good last season, he completely choked.....maybe it was his vetebrate but i'm sorry if it still bothers you maybe you shouldn't play in the nhl

edler, i'd keep him but let's hope he snaps out of daydreaming next year

schneider, burrows, higgins, lapierre were the true hard workers....too bad the forwards didn't do much in this series but i want to believe they were playing hurt...especially higgins, hope to see schneids stay with the team

booth and kassian are not nhl ready...the hogdson trade like everyone said was a big time fail.....booth was a good catch but he hasn't done squat for us at all this season

hansen, hard worker and skilled player but i will never forget that he cost us the boston series with his stupid penalties

luongo, not going to comment on his play but i'd like him gone next year or make schneider the number one starter

alain vineault, wonderful job in the regular season but his lack of urgency and line combo really piss me off

i hope they will lower the ticket price next year....

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I think a possible change in our core. I love these players, but Schneider and Kesler should be gone. We don't need another shut down forward. We don't need a fat power forward. We need a player with some skill and great offensive awareness to put between booth and Hansen or Higgins. Burrows on first line. Maybe second if kassian steps up, but I'm not counting on it. Sedins are definitely our first liners. We need to bulk on defense and get a great 2nd line center. Luongo is good. Not beast, but good due to some terrible games. Lack pushing for back up.

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ya... well time will tell. Certainly he didn't make the team better this year, as they replacement players barely played. But that is just a lame-duck way to blame it all on something that is relatively minor.

They played with urgency, but were not playing like a team. Too many breakdowns, no support in too many of the games.

Real Top 4 reasons for the loss this year:

1. D. Sedin out

2. Kesler still injured

3. Waiting until the playoffs to try a new winger for the Sedins

4. Starting Luongo in games 1 and 2. Schneider might have won one of them? Hard to say...

oh, and yes, for a top-tier team, they are missing a 50 goal scorer to put them over the top... just like almost every other team, and a true norris-caliber d-man. lol

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