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[P G T ] - Canucks Eliminated


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Edler needs to stay. Who do you replace him with? A free agent pick up? We're in no position to start ditching 26 year old 50 point defenceman after a subpar playoff performance. Such a pathetic prospect pool hurts us.

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Bad series overall for everyone except Sedins/Luo/Schneid and maybe Lappy.

Kesler was a non-factor every game and the ballerina act is even getting on the nerves of Canuck fans. 17 games or whatever without a goal is unacceptable for a top 2 center. Henrik is scoring at a higher pace than you.

Burrows was mediocre.

Booth was a no show. Not surprising since it was his first ever playoffs.

Higgins didn't seem he had his workboots on, could be in partial to being on the third line, who knows.

Pahlsson was not bad, not great. Same with Hansen.

Manny is pretty useless out there other than face offs. I would love if they resigned him, just for a lot less.

Kassian was given little opportunity so it doesn't really matter.

Raymond was absolutely brutal, he needs to be gone. He has no place on this team.

Bieksa/Hamhuis/Tanev/Salo were "ok"

Edler was well.....the worst we've ever saw.

Ballard was surprisngly good.

Lots of changes upcoming in this off season. First step is deciding on our future goaltender.

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If anyone goes "It was a good run this year" I'm seriously going to flip shiznat. Ok maybe not that bad. The canucks completely S**t the bed this postseason. When it matters most, the cream rises to the top. WHERE WAS OUR CREAM??? Guess we just used the whole bottle last season. We need a few tweaks, and our 3rd and 4th line did NOT work for us. Booth was a semi-failure (like Toronto signing Jason Blake... What do you really expect?), Kesler was invisible for the last 20 games or so of regular season and postseason combined... Too much dancing not enough real hockey. Burrows was decent, but not excellent. Phalson was ok on and off but not the superstar of '07 by a long shot. Lappy was pretty good, but with no one to support him, he seemed alone out there.

D was never an issue, but Edler single handedly lost at least 1 game for us, and costed us plenty of chances and goals in ALL games combined.

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Rebuild. Reload. And try, try again.

I liked AV. See ya coach. They will go hire somebody that will make this team work. Which means all the lazy F'kers will want out of town.

I think it is finally time to move May Ray. Defensively, OK. Offensively. NO FINISH.

See ya Louie. It was great watching you play here. At times you rocked dude. Sometimes you made me want to go freak out someplace though and unfortunately that was usuallly in the post season where it counted the most. Hope you enjoy Tanpa as this is most likely where you are going. Will be nce to be with the family though. Wish you the best. You played well, but team would not play well in front of you.

They better keep Salo. With Edler falling apart at the end of the season like that. We need Sami. Keep Edler. I don't know what the hell happened to him, but he is a good DMan and up until recently was a favorite here. Don't forget people when he went down last year everyone said we lost our #1. We will find out he had an injury or something. Your game does not just abandon you like that. If there was a wrong mistake to make in this series. Elder usually made it. I feel for him. The dude must feel like crap.

Kesler never 100%. this whole season. 2nd line just never got going. 1 line teams do not win in the post season. Sedins were good but not together long enough to do enough damage.

And the stars of the series are. Hansen, Higgins. Burrows, Lapierre, Hammer. Man, I love you guys. You worked hard for the most part.

Bieksa was good and bad, so mixed review.

Tanev showing pontential. Still young and prone to mistakes.

Kassian. The jury is out on this one. Dude, you are not popular right now because Hodgson was and we sorely missed him since the deadline. But, we will give you a chance. You have a style of play that could turn you into a fan favorite so play your game and work your butt off and doing that will earn you the fans.

Last but certainly not least. Canucks MVP for the series. Ginger. without you playing so well, we would have gotten killed.

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