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[P G T ] - Canucks Eliminated


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Luongo stands on his head in game 1, does everything a goalie can really do to keep his team in the game and give them a chance. Countless huge saves to change momentum. No real support. = Put in Schneider!

Schneider stands on his head and does everything a goalie can really do to keep his team in the game and give them a chance. Countless huge saves to change momentum. No real support. = Luongo no more! Schneider is clearly better!

It's mind boggling just how hypacritical and bizarre the fan base is. But I get it, people just scapegoat Luongo because it's easier to blame him than the rest of the team. When it all comes down to it, is Luongo is a great goalie, and he was honestly robbed of the Hart and Vezina in the 06-07 season when he first came here. Schneider is a great young talent too. I wish we could keep both of them, but I'm happy with whoever stays if one gets traded. I just hope the return is worth it, because if we trade one of these guys and don't imporve, we'll be in a worse spot.

And, for people who say Schneider is proven now? He's 1-3 in playoff games, and he's .500 against playoff teams in the regular season. This year, he only played 6, and he was .500 against them. He got blown out by Chicago, chased within 5-6 shots against Nashville, and had a better gam against... Detroit? Or NYR, one of the two. Then he had 3 wins, Boston, Chicago, and whoever. So, tat's 50% with most of the losses being ugly games.

Last year? He played more top teams than he did this year, and he still had a .500 record.

It's not to say he's bad, but I think people need to understand that there's an honest chance that the way he's playing now as a 'backup' might be giving him better numbers than we'll ever see out of him when he becomes a full starter and is forced to play against a lot more top teams than he has. No matter how you slice it, his record against top 8 conference teams blows, and a lot of the losses are bad. He's getting his numbers playing a lot of mediocre competition.

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How many even strength goals did this team score this series?? Kesler, Higgins, Booth, Malholtra, Paulsson, Raymond...all MIA. Why? Weak, floppers and fakers. Zero heart. It's not that they didn't score, that could be due to great goaltending. It's that they didn't even have a sniff of scoring. Not even close. No scoring against Boston last year, and Nashville would have eliminated them if they had any scoring themselves.

Now if MG can convince the NHL to let the Canucklehead to only play the crappy teams in the NW division, they might win the cup. Otherwise they're done.

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How anybody, who has watched the Canucks regularly over the past year, could be surprised about the outcome here is truly a wonder. They were DEFINATELY NOT the same team from last year:

- No individual awards

- production down from pretty much everybody

- extreme fatigue from playing so much damn hockey over the past 2 years

- games won this year not nearly as convincing as last year

- David Booth

the list goes on, but time to move on. This is a classy organization that takes the salary cap to the miximum... there will be other great Canucks teams sooner than later.

Some might say that LA was 'Quick' in the way they 'Stoll' that series from us.

I say we're just 'Sedin' up for next year.

Get lots and lots of rest boys (and somehow get bigger too). We'll see you in 4 months.

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This is exactly why I don't care about winning the stupid Presidents Trophy or getting home ice advantage, did it really make a difference? NOPE!

People are thinking huge changes are coming, I honestly don't think much will happen...It's going to be a long off season.

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too early to make rash moves..... believe it or not this team is in the best hands it has ever had (and I have SUFFERED with these guys for all 41 years) cool heads make rational decisions after reflection not panic..... I just hope to live long enough to see canucks raise Stanley

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Guest gumballthechewy

back to the drawing board

i think gillis really needs to get kes someone to play with , booth isnt the answer

he needs someone to feed him the puck i just hope gillis makes a bold move in the off season that will really help this team

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Both Lou & particularly Schneider played well. Definitely not their problem!

not enough grit

all the other teams in west got bigger

it showed, getting banged up and pushed away on puck battles.

MG got his work cut out for him

neither cory or lui would have won this series

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Where are all the idiots that were saying "Its only one game guys dont freak out!" Where are they now...?

Alot of people put out concerns and issues about the lack of "D" and "Scoring" and they get called wagoners or freak out artists.....

Look at the nux now.....is that "It's only one game" enuff for ya...

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The last six weeks of the regular season told the story of how the Canucks would do in the playoffs. They lost all drive to step up to playoff level. Their checking stopped and become sporadic, their passing game became absolutely pathetic and sloppy, the battles along the boards became a lost cause and Luongo was playing like a yo-yo. No one knew what he was going to bring in to each game.

For some some reason, the entire Canuck team fell apart in March and never recovered. Yes there will be trades, firings, and higher draft choices. If Luongo was more consistent he would remain a Canuck. Kesler, what can you make of this guy? Is he protecting his hip. Sami Salo; though an emotional favourite, he had a terrible last half season. He turned into an old man and played like one. He will be traded or will retire.

We won't be seeing a possible Stanley Cup team in Vancouver for at least another ten years. Rebuilding time.

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