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Games Decided By Referees

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Guest BuckFoston

I heard that games are also sometimes decided by scoring more goals, defense finishing their assignments, and elite goaltending. Thought we had 1 of 3, but probably just a rumor...

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Guest The Brown Burrows

We were sh*t.

/sad truth.

The Penguins, Sharks, Wings all didn't play well enough to move onto the next round. The refs had their moments but at the end of the day the better teams won.

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well thanks for the input, but i was refering to calls or blown calls in games, that may have helped decide them. ie like the blown offside call on briere,i wasnt refering to series or vancouver pi$$ing matches on tonights loss, mind you that looked like a blown call but i only watched it once.

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I thought the officials did another weak job tonight - in particular the two pathetic calls against Henrik (extremely weak calls against the Sedins were very common this year) - and then letting things like the Brown slash on Henrik go - which was in full view... far too typical...and the 'roughing' call on Hamhuis on Brown? Touch calls, playoff hockey.... unpredictable, incompetent. That stuff didn't wind up costing a pp goal, but the non-calls on the other hand are impossible to say...

But who in their right mind can really expect any better?

The Kings were more opportunistic and full value for their wins. You have to play your best hockey to beat a strong team that is playing well and getting their share of breaks - the Canucks just weren't playing their best hockey, and the Kings (and Quick) were too good to beat under those circumstances.

The playoffs have been a gong-show of inconsistency - the NHL has had its head up its A$$ for quite some time where inconsistent officiating and discipline is concerned. The Hawks can whine about the Torres hit on Hossa, but by the standards of their whining, they should be playing without a repeat cheap-shotter on their blueline... And the Weber fine? Yes, that could be considered a series changing braincramp.

On the other hand, I thought Henrik took a very stand up position rarely seen in the NHL, where he acknowledged that the Brown hit (although by some standards borderline) was a good hit.

Listening to Tortorella going all Quenneville after the Neil hit is a case in point of people acting like a hit should be suspendable because it results in an injury, whether illegal or not.

It's unfortunate that the perception of incompetence is overwhelmingly widespread - and the NHL appears to be in denial....The league looks like it is run in an arrogant, unaccountabe way that doesn't seem too concerned about it... It simply does not redress its mistakes. The product is still great - it is hockey played by the best in the world - but can the same be said about the NHL's administration?

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