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What Is One Thing The Canucks Should Not Do?



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Yup, Vancouver would consider trading the two men who now define this franchise and will retire here. MAKES SENSE.

The fact that these threads keep getting made really shows off the gems of the fan base. And then we think we have the right to make fun of other fan bases. Look around...

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sedins wont be traded, neither are most of the Dmen.

getting some offense and some D from free agency would be good.

the core is already good, but we definitely need a playmaker for the 2nd line.

and for god sakes, dont resign raymond!! i cant take it anymore in seeing him fall with no darn reason!

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Do not stay status quo, this current group is not good enough for another chance next year. There has to be changes, coaching staff and personel.

This team needs to find their identity, are they a finess team or a hybrid that can play all style.

Raymond,Malhotra,Luongo better not be back next year.

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I voted re-sign Raymond. But I probably would have voted "keep AV" if that were an option.

Of course the players are going to defend their existing coach, their pride, etc until the very end, but actions speak louder than words - and the actions tell me that many players have quit on AV.

Even though I'd rather keep Schneider, I can see him getting traded, because he will yield the better return. Raymond should be allowed to go to UFA... I would hope that we could salvage even a 6th rd pick for him.

But I actually see a blockbuster with Columbus coming up - Schneider, Raymond, Jensen, and 1st, for Nash, and 1st.

Man this is going to be a long off-season.

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