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The Real Reason The Canucks Lost

shawn antoski

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It is about coaching. AV always talked about the sticking with the program. So after the hit that took out Daniel Sedin, AV was lost. He tinkered with his lines and went against his own program. He got Kassian who looked OK for 2 games, but he did not put him with the Sedins have him stand in front of the goalie, like Byfuglien used to. He messed up that guy who was moved all over, I guess to AV he didn't fit the program.AV always had his favprites that he keeps playin even when they are not performing like they can. I mean this is the guy that made the goalie the captain.That almost ruined Luongo. On and on it goes, I honestly don't know how they got as far as they did and why they faltered when it counts. Oh well the NHL is a joke anyway.

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As much as people want to argue that Quick beat us, he wasn't the entire story. In my opinion, the Canucks beat themselves with too many mental errors defensively & a lack of offensive chemistry/urgency after Sedin went down. The LA Kings play a very structured system because they struggle to score, the Canucks struggled to handle that system, causing mental errors and a team that is structured like LA is coached to take advantage of mistakes. Quick was solid in the series but by no stretch of the imagination did he have to stand on his head to win this series. In round two, I believe LA gets St Louis, that is going to be one boring series because it'll be a match up of defensive systems. I don't anticipate the Blues making mental mistakes & losing there defensive structure in a tight game as we saw last game & in the 1-0 loss. The Blues will do what we couldn't do for three games in this series, force mistakes & take advantage.

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1: no discipline (better later on)

2: defensive issues (better later on)

3: just unlucky (Edler...)

4: :frantic:

5: EDLER... on the tying goal; good job Stoll on the winner

Lack of depth of talent in terms of good enough game breaking forwards (I'll take the "Kes' not up to form"... for now) to really threaten the Kings from multiple fronts; just shows how, when push comes to shove, the 2nd/ 3rd line tweeners just aren't at the same talent level to be relied upon to step up on their own (sure, the Sedins are magicians but the foot soldiers shouldn't only be good because of time with the Twins):

Burrows, Hansen, Lapierre, Booth: 1 point each

Higgins: none

Kes: 3 assists but maybe Vancouver's just used to seeing his snipe shots

these guys should've been the secondary scoring behind the Twins, but they got shut down Quickly.

might I be so bold as to jump on the Hodg... nah but this team needs to step up its finishing. Too bad we can't trade Raymond, Ballard and picks get a time machine for turning back the clock on trading Hodgson away, his shot could've had something to say against Quick.

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Too many floaters & journeymen pulled the rest down. The twins were effectively neutralized and Schneider alone gallantly kept the score respectable.

What if the twins ask for a trade to move on to another team where they'll have a better chance of winning their SC rings? They'll never achieve it with the Canucks, they'll be too old by then.

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