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What Needs To Be Done In The Summer?


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Burr, Higgy, Lappy, Manny, SALO, maybe Ballard, Hansen (he was almost at 50 points...good to have him back), Booth, so the AMEX line can play together to start the season off (note that, he DID come to the team during mid-season, so its hard to someone to adapt to sudden change during half way through the season, so im sure that during the offseason, when he trains and stuff with the team, he will be fine to start the season fresh, with Higgy and Kes), possbily Pahlsson and Ebbett too...and the BOTH goalies...but highly doubt Schneids would stay where he could be a #1 goalie else where :(. Oh and also sign Romer...I kinda like how he plays...at least he DOES push people around...unlike Kassian...


Raymond? Possibly Alberts or Weise??

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If I had my way, I would get rid of useless contracts.


Malhotra 2.5m

Raymond 2.55m

Pahlsson (UFA) 2.6m

Ballard (underutilized here) 4.2m

Alberts 1.2m

Rome 750k

Salo (retirement) 2m

clear 15m right there to make a strong offer for Suter and clear room for some college signings (Justin Schult) plus enough space to re-sign Edler and Burrows.

Trade Luongo to Florida or Tampa and get a young bluechip prospect ready to play (Connolly or Huberdeau)

Sedin - Sedin - Burrows

Jensen- Kesler - Booth

Higgins - ( ) Hansen

Kassian - Lappiere - Weise


Hamhuis - Suter

Edler - Bieksa

Schultz - Tanev



Lack/(UFA signing)

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1) re-boot the blueline

2) find some players to mesh with kesler on the second line

3) straighten out the goaltending.....i just want some closure so we can move on with our lives

4) let raymond walk....just take the money

5) trade ballard, easier said then done but throw in a 2nd pick and someone will bite

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I think a mini overhaul like Raymond, Booth, Ballard trade, not signing Salo, changing coaching. I know Raymond should definitely be gone he just doesnt fit anywhere on this team anymore. Im fine with the rest of the players and would only trade them for an upgrade.

Signings id try for Dmen













Hopefully one of Carkner, Purst, Tootoo to finally protect the Sedins so this doesnt happen again, some help on D and Parise to help with the offense one can dream right?

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