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Some Ufas To Possibly Replace Pahlsson And Raymond

Matthew Lombardi 18

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So I've looked at a list from Capgeek that I think is worth looking at for the Canucks.

It is very possible (but I'm no MG) that Raymond has seen his last game as a Canuck - one way or another, he should (as in, it is very likely) be gone. For ~2.5 million dollars, it could be spent elsewhere. He is a RFA but I don't think any contract extension is worth it, for I think there are a few players that can take his spot (if not replace him)

It is more likely that Pahlsson will not return. Granted he wasn't really given a lot of time to adjust, he just was not very effective, even as a face-off man.

Thus, with Raymond and Pahlsson gone, there will be ~5.2 million to spend, if not more. Bottom-six players like Bitz may not re-sign, although Volpatti might.

Derek McKenzie of CBJ is a player that can substitute one of the above players and he is a UFA this summer.

Granted he is "smallish" for a feisty player, is not a "young" player and also doesn't have high-end talent, however he brings energy, decent two-way skills, very hard working player that has skill in taking faceoffs. He was only paid 600 k last year.

Also, he can hit. He is ranked 3rd of UFA players in hits.


As you can see, he has very decent AHL points and does not produce very much on a very bad CBJ team. He is LIKE Weise, but with more experience, but can take face-offs at a much cheaper price than Pahlsson.

His FO is 54.55 (according to: http://www.capgeek.c...stats_type=RTSS)

I think he should be signed.

Also, Trevor Smith of TBL is pretty intriguing, a BC boy. (according to http://theahl.com/st...yer.php?id=1799), but hockeydb says he's from Ottawa.

Regardless, If TBL doesn't sign him, look at his stats. He has very good AHL stats at only 525 k per year (last year)


He looks like he's on the verge of breaking out. Furthermore, he seems to have FO skills as shown here:


Admittedly, I don't have a solution at the moment for solving scoring, but I believe these two players can effective replace both Raymond and Pahlsson in their current roles.

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Pahlsson will likely end up being just a rental, but I actually felt he did a good job over his time here. For example in Game 5, he reminded me a lot of Jannik Hansen, in fact at times I couldn't even tell them apart from their style of play alone. I wouldn't mind having him back next year at a reduced price, unless we can find someone better.

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Guest The Brown Burrows

You just posted 10th-14th forwards. They ate pretenders like Andrew Ebbett.

We need size and skill.

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Pahlsson is miscast as a 'shutdown center' but hes not. He didn't shutdown anyone. Oh he did? Tell that to Brown and Kopitar.

A real shutdown 3rd line center is Ryan Kesler. Selke winner. Plays vs the best competition. Gets the toughest defensive assignments. What we need is a 2nd line forward that can pass and make plays and move Kesler to the third line.

Replacement for Raymond? There's a few UFA's I really like: PA Parentau, Brandon Prust, Chris Kelly, Zach Parise. Maybe Shane Doan if we can get him cheap.

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