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Truth Is We Have The Team We Just Need To Polish Up


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We need a bigger D and someone who can generate offence alongside Kesler. There are many guys i have in mind.

For a big d men I would like Emelin or franson or someone reliable

for offence maybe latendress who lappy would do anything to reunite with, plekanec,parise

But the main focus is that we must GET BIGGER AND MORE RELIABLE!!!!

personally i found the canucks defence was horrid in the playoffs they got checked the crap out of and yes that will happen when you have 5 ft 10 dmen. I Like Bieksa, Edler(despite his bull crap in playoffs), Hamhuis, but i find salo to old to play 25 playoff games ballard to small and unreliable tanev to finess and alberts a retard. If u noticed L.A'S defence they pushed us around completly and they dont have the greatest d fence but they are big. I WAS ALSO DISSAPOINTED IN pahlsson's playoff performance as he did nothing to get higgins going.

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Honestly, I still think this team can do it with a couple not-so-major tweaks. IMO, the real problem this year, not that anyone wants to hear it, is that the team never got rested from last year's playoff run and the grind was just too much. Just fix the goalie situation (trade Luongo) and maybe try a new coach (for a new perspective) and I'm pretty happy going with this team into next year.

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