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Idea Of What Our Team Could Look Like (Just For Fun)

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This is just a for fun thing just making up a shaken up line up since we do need to make some moves.

To Van:


To Philly:

Kesler, rights to Mason Raymond

Philly wanted to sign Kesler awhile back but the canucks matched them... this might be a good chance to give them the player that they want for a nice young player who would be a great addition to the second line.(yes i know kesler has to waive his ntc but i'm sure for philly he would so he can play back in America and for a team who plays his style of hockey)

To Van:


To San:

Booth, Ballard Van 1st pick

Couture would esentially be replacing Kesler giving us a young guy with less of a cap hit as our second line center, JVR would already be replacing Booth. Both Van and SJ will be looking to shake things up and this might be a move made.... would they demand more? maybe who knows.

To Van:

Brett Connolly Tampa first pick

To Tampa:

Roberto Luongo, Bill Sweatt

Connolly is a big guy who can score. As we know Luongo wants to either go to Florida or Tampa and i think This would be one of the best returns for Luongo.

When we do these trades we will have some money to spend what do we need? some good defense

I say we sign Ryan Suter be it from 6-7 mill or however much he wants as long as its less then 7

Upgrade the fourth line, something we should have done at the trade deadline was get Travis Moen well now we can sign him... 1.5m or 2m

Trade Malhotra for say a 3rd or fourth round pick

Trade Bieks for a 1st or 2nd round pick what ever he will get us

Trade Higgins for any picks he can grab. Nothing against higgins just between him and Hansen i would rather keep Hansen.

sign sheldon Souray......... this will be very un popular i bet but we need some more offense from the D and i think souray will be a great asset to Van. Only sign him for 2 m 1 year

Re sign Sami Salo about 2 m again

Bring up Shroeder for his chance as a third line center

Most Controversal of all bring up Jensen for a couple of games in the pre season see how he plays with the sedins.... big player who can pass and put the puck in the net just what the sedins need. If he is not right with them then send him down to the AHL to grow and put burrows back in his spot with the sedins.


Sedin Sedin Jensen

JVR Couture Burrows

Hansen Schroeder Conolly

Moen Lappy Kassian

Suter Edler

Salo Hammer

Souray Tanev



This would give us plenty of draft picks to work with and it will leave us with plenty of cap room for fine tweeking at trade deadline.

Sorry about the long read and go ahead flame away its just for fun i fully expect to get flaammed about trading Kesler and booth and beiksa and especially Higgins and briniging up Jensen but hey its and idea.... and Souray.. idk i can see him as a canuck i know i will get flammed for him.

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Next seasons lines









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i don't see what the problem is... we just want to get rid of ballard and Couture has out scored booth every year.... and JVR is a very sought after player...... we want o get rid of Kesler who get replaced by Couture which gives us money to sign suture... and yes Luongo is only going to get a return like Connolly and their first.

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We overpay in every scenario.

I have a feeling MG is hitching his wagon on Booth, Higgins and Kesler though so don't expect any of them to be traded despite their terrible play down the stretch. Hopefully a full off-season together will get them coming back much stronger and better (plus, they're hitting their prime now).

All this Canucks team needs is a skillful forward in our bottom-6 (Hodgson was that answer, then MG decided to ruin our team's chemistry and offence to be better suited in the playoffs = biggest mistake in franchise history) and one or even 2 big, physical shutdown defencemen. We need more guys like Hamhuis and less guys like Bieksa/Ballard on this defence.

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