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Where To Stay Cheap, Decent, Last Minute In Seattle?


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To answer the outlet mall question, my wife is a big fan of two that are on the drive down from Vancouver.

The first is the Outlet Shoppes at Burlington. She stops mostly for the Lululemon, but there is a good Nike Store there and an Eddie Bauer.

The other is the Seattle Premium Outlets at Tulalip. She can spend an entire day there.

As for accommodations, we've stayed at the Holiday Inn Express downtown. It's just outside the downtown core so it's a little cheaper. While we were there we checked out the Sci-Fi and Rock & Roll museums at the Space Needle. http://www.empmuseum.org/ They were pretty cool (and a good break from all the shopping my wife dragged me to).

Good luck on the trip!

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I have been down there a few times and stayed at a few hotels. Hotel Andra and Hotel Max. Both are right down town and within walking distance of anything you want to see. So you can just use the hotels parking and your good to go for however long your there for.

I'd recommend walking down to Pike place. It’s a huge market for food, spices, flowers, jewelry and tons of other cool stores. When my wife and I go down that is usually where we spend most of our time. The whole building is also very interesting. Also the first Starbucks is located right across the street from there too if you’re interested. Tons of nice places to eat there as well.

I agree with goalie13, the EMP museum is pretty cool. They have huge exhibits for music and sci-fi. It located right by the space needle as well so you can check that out at the same time. Best way to get there is a monorail that leaves right from a downtown mall and takes you directly there. You could walk to it and it you take you about 20 to 30 mins.

I like being right in the downtown core, it lets you walk where ever you need to go and doesn't cost too much more. Least then your close to any place you want to walk to at night as well.



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Also if you call the hotels to book, they usually have a better deal for Canadians’ coming down. I know every time we go down we book a special Canadian package that includes parking. All you have to do is show you Canadian ID. I think it’s called the northern neighbors package or something.

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If your just looking for a cheap place to crash, just use websites like expedia, priceline, etc... and cross-reference that with tripadvisor.

I'd agree though, that in Seattle location is key. Unlike some of the posters here, I would not pay extra for an artsy hotel in Seattle. These hotels aren't on the level of places like NYC or SF. You're paying extra to see a couple of paintings on the wall as you leave the lobby.

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