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2012-2013 Realistic Lineup

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I have seen many trade proposals in the forum and some are good/realsitic and some are just way off imo. Here is my attempt for next year's lineup which I believe is realsitic and doable.

Before I begin, I wanna start with the coaching and I believe AV has to go. Year in and year out he has been outcoached in the playoffs and just does not adjust during games. I say bring in Craig Mactavish who is currently our AHL affiliate team head coach. He took a mediocre Edmonton Oilers team to the final and would be a great fit to this team.

Ok lets start with the fun part

For those of you saying lets trade Luongo is just wrong. I love Cory, don't get me wrong, but it is definitely easier to trade Schiender than Luongo. Plus Luongo has a no-trade clause, so it would be harder to get a trade done without forcing it and getting minimal assets in return. Luongo has got a bad rap sheet from the fans and I don't get why. He is a proven consistent goaltender in this league who took us to the finals last year and has won a gold medal as a starter. So gotta stick with Lou IMO.

Trade # 1 - Cory Scheinder, Keith Ballard, Mason Raymond for future assets (Draft picks or prospects)

I know it would be hard to move Ballard with its 4.2 million cap hit, but a team who wants Cory would have to take Ballard in the deal. Raymond would be an asset on anyone's team but just doesn't fit in our system. If this trade is with an eastern conference team than Raymond would be very good. Just look at Michael Grabner.


Signing # 1 - Zach Parise 6 years/34.5 million (5.75 per year)

I think the Canucks can pull this deal off. Ryan Kesler, Zach Parise and David Booth all played together in the World Junior Championships and are good friends. All american boys who would love to play together. I believe Ryan kesler can convince him to come over to Vancouver instead of staying in an American City. This will allow the Canucks to have a second go-to line and Kesler can play center which he excels better at. Parise on his wing would be very deadly. The 5.75 is a very realistic number for him. He shouldn't make the same as sedins but very close. MG can even front load the contract and get a better cap hit but we'll just go with this 5.75 cap hit

Signing # 2 - Re-sign Samuel Phalsson 2 years/3.0 million (1.5 per year)

Phalsson is getting a little old and does not deserve 2.5 million a year so 1.5 is very realistic. He is very good checker who has scoring touch. He is still capable of doing what he did with the Ducks

Signing # 3 - Re-sign Dale Weise 2 years/1.2 million (600K)

Big body depth forward to have moving ahead into the next season

So the forwards look like this

Daniel Sedin (6.1) Henrik Sedin (6.1) Alex Burrows (2.0) 14.2 million

Zach Parise (5.75) Ryan Kesler (5.0) David Booth (3.882) 14.632 million

Chris Higgins (1.9) Samuel Pahlsson (1.5) Jannik Hansen (1.350) 4.75 million

Zack Kassian (0.193) Manny Malhotra (2.5) Maxim Lapierre (1.0) 3.693 million

Dale Weise (600K) 600K

Total Forwards 37.875 million (Total Forwards)

Top line with the sedins needs no explanation. The second line-up gives us the scoring depth where all three forwards can also play D. Parise gives extra option on the PP where both units can be very good. Third line is very good checking line who can score and is capable of shutting down other top lines. Forth line is very gritty who also has scoring touch. Kassian needs to get more mature and this year he can get better. Lapierre is guy you need for a playoff run and would be good on the fourth line. Malhotra's 2.5 million cap hit, I don't like but faceoffs are very crucial at any point. Also, he can check and be a good voice in the locker room. Overall, this offense allows us to have the 1-2 punch along with a solid checking line (who can score) and a gritty fourth line (who have offensive skills).


Signing # 4 - Matt Carle 3 years/11.25 (3.75 per)

Matt Carle is great puck moving d-men who philly may not be able to afford. He can also quauterback a PP unit where we lack in from our defense. Playing with Edler would be very elite d-men pairing this league.

Signing # 5 - Yann Sauve 2 years/1.0 million (500K per year)

A very very big body defense which every team has. We got hit hard this year by big d-men in Mitchell and Greene or last year by Chara. I believe it is time to bring him up and see what he is capable of.

So the D-men look like this

Kevin Bieksa (4.6) Dan Hamhuis (4.5) 9.1 million

Alex Edler (3.25) Matt Carle (3.75) 7.0 million

Sami Salo (1.0) Yann Sauve (500K) 1.5 million

Chris Tanev (0.90) 0.90 million

Andrew Alberts (1.225) 1.225 million

Total Defense 19.725 million (Total defense)

Bieksa and Hamhuis, when focused, are a great pair with offensive and defensive capabilities. Edler with Carle can be very elite pairing. Carle is a great puck moving d-men and this will benefit Edler as he loves to play this style as well. Sauve playing with salo can be a learning tool for Sauve. Salo can teach him how to play at this level and it will benefit Sauve. Chris Tanev and Alberts are already signed for next year so I included them as well. Tanev is showing glimpses of being a part our future Defense. Alberts comes in when playing tough gritty teams. Salo may sit out some games for rest as he is getting old.


Signing # 6 - Marty Turco 1 year/600K (600K per year)

Marty Turco still has some game left in him regardless of what everyone says. Turco and Luongo are good friends as they have played together in the World Championships together. Luongo can benefit from Turco in many ways. Turco could help Luongo mentally to stay strong during games which has been an issue.

So the goalies look like this

Roberto Luongo (5.333) 5.333 million

Marty Turco (600K) 600K

Total Goalies 5.933 million (Total Goalies)

Total Salary Cap hit 63.533 million, which falls under the cap

What are your thoughts? Don't Flame plz

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Guest BuckFoston

You lost me at Marty Turco... may as well bring Roloson out of retirement. What is Lack for then? I am told he is the next Rinne :rolleyes:

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Eddie Lack isn't ready just yet. I say keep him in the minors like we did with scheinder for a bit. This will only benefit him than just sitting on the bench most of the time. Turco is very capable of still playing solid hockey for 600K. It is only a 1 year contract

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We should keep Ballard. He showed some strides this season (it was unfortunate that he got knocked out by a concussion), and he was one of the few Canucks who played well in the LA series. He showed that he can be solid with Tanev, and hopefully next season he can improve on his offensive game (hell maybe he might be the answer on the PP, he's definitely a better offensive D-man than Hamhuis).

Even if you dont agree with that, including Ballard and Raymond in a trade would lower Cory's value, so it doesnt make sense. What they should do is keep Ballard, and let Raymond go (he is an RFA, so dont even tender him a qualifying offer). I think Mase just needs a fresh start somewhere else, because his trade value right now is ZERO.

Carle would be a great addition, and he would replace Salo on the d-corps, giving us:

Bieksa - Hamhuis

Edler - Carle

Ballard - Tanev

Gragnani, Rome (re-signed), Alberts

That defensive lineup certainly has the depth to compete for a cup run, and hopefully with Ballard and Edler, make some strides offensively and contribute on the PP

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