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The Canucks' Will To Win Arrived With Luongo


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Before Luongo came around, the Canucks were a very mediocre team. When Lu arrived, that all turned around due to his infectious drive to be the best.

People can doubt his ability to stop the puck, then can criticize his style, the one thing you cant knock him for is his raw passion to win and compete. He's the most competitive guy on the team, he trains harder than anyone else in the offseason, he's constantly looking for ways to evolve his game, he cries during interviews after series losses, and you can just see it in his eyes during interviews - he's just got that drive to win only a few players are born with.

My question is, will that passion and competitive drive that has pushed us to the top of the league take a big hit or disappear if and when the most competitive guy on the team gets traded? Stanley cups are won off of heart, and Lu is one of the guys with the most heart on this team.

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